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* Needs to have wheelchair access.
* We need to be able to set up our own networking:
 * Fast (and reliable) external link
 * Internal wired and wireless network
* We need a main lecture room, hacklabs and small room(s) for BOFs, and an eating area, as close to each other as possible:
 * Main lecture theatre: >= 200 capacity
 * Hacking area(s): >= 200 capacity. Preferable to have 24 hour access to hacking area.
 * BOF room(s): e.g. 40 capacity, more than that will make an ineffective BOF
 * Server room (small room with network access)
 * Video team room (small room with network access with space for a couple of people to work)
 * Area for eating, with appropriate catering arrangements (lunch, dinner)
* Needs to be close to accommodation

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