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[edit] Timeline for DebConf8 location decision

  • Timeline: bid submissions until 31 December, questions to bids until 31 January, decision to be made by 8 February. This timeline should only be delayed if none of the options presented at a given stage would work.
  • If there is some delay we can't avoid and we run into March, this still gives enough time for DebConf8 people to get involved in DebConf7.
  • Bids should be submitted by sending a message to debconf-team, with full details to be posted on
  • Holger will announce this timeline/process to debian-devel-announce, debconf-announce,

[edit] Local team report: venue

Report from Moray:

  • We got an official quotation (£15800) from Teviot based on our requirements.
  • The price could vary, depending mostly on the final canteen/bar opening times we agree, but a big increase is not expected (it might go down).
  • This included an invoice for a deposit (£1500), which we should now pay.
  • We are now happy to announce the venue/dates.

[edit] Local team report: accommodation

Report from Jon:

  • Hasn't been much done recently, but they plan to work on this now the dates are fixed.
  • We have lots of information about nearby hostels/capacities/prices, but we want to get a discount for a big booking.
  • We have a proper quotation from one hostel so far; we should get more and compare prices.
  • The Venezuelan team offers to help in this area if they can.

[edit] Sponsorship team report

Report from Steve:

  • Sponsorship work ongoing.
  • Had useful chats at Linux Expo in London this week, with IBM and some interested local companies.
  • Currently targetting £90 000 budget for the conference, plus travel sponsorship money.

[edit] Timeline: CFP, registration, travel sponsorship

  • Call for papers and open registration on 12 November.
  • We need to decide travel sponsorship by about 15 March (maybe spread over two meetings) -- this would be three months before the conference, still time for people to find cheap flights.
  • To make this possible, we need to close the call for papers for sponsored stuff by mid-February, review papers by the end of February.
  • For now we'll announce the CFP will close 31 January. This gives us some flexibility if it's needed.

[edit] Plans for announcement of conference to developers, press, and of Debian Day to local press, users

  • Moray will make sure we finish writing an announcement, and send it out tomorrow.
  • The announcement needs to be fine for press to see, i.e. include enough information they won't misreport things or link to an announcement that isn't appropriate for outsiders.
  • The CFP should definitely go to the press as well as developers.
  • DebianDay should be announced separately to the UK/Edinburgh press (nearer the time, but we can also pre-announce now).
  • We should also announce DebConf and DebianDay to appropriate LUGs etc., where we have contacts (not spamming).

[edit] Any other business

  • Holger suggests getting LiMuX to come to DebianDay, pointing out that Edinburgh is twinned with Munich (as well as with Vancouver).

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