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Agenda for the next DebConf5 video+administration meeting, April 18, 20:00 UTC, on #debconf-team on

5 people attending: mooch, liiwi, martinl, lightsey, h01ger

  • Video streaming + recording
    • intro of participating persons
      • mostly skipped. lightsey and martinl are familar with video, but not with streaming
    • setup as seen from the end user :-) (aka: what do we want to provide)
      • lets stick to the recording part first and foremost and try streaming inside and outside the campus once we have it working fine
      • this means: streaming is completly optional
    • hardware setup
      • two fw-cams (NTSC) from lightsey
      • one fw-cam (NTSC) from martinl
      • martinl says: pal/ntsc is definitely minor -- will hurt if we want to produce a seamless dvd, but for web-delivery, it's perfect.
      • we're not going to use the mics from the cameras but external mics
      • mooch will check the audio installation which is available at HUT
      • liiwi can get wired mics loaned if forewarned properly
        • wired mics are cool -- in fact a lot more reliable.
      • we need around 10GB/hour for quicktime DV. and a 1 hour video takes 1 hour to move to a pc.
    • software setup
      • flumotion or ffmpeg seems to be the question
      • martinl will investigate within two weeks and report to the list
      • needs to be taken a closer look still
    • organizing the recordings at debconf to happen
      • someone has to do it - those volunteers operating the cameras wont do anything if they dont know what to do :)
    • security/insurance
      • we have to have a safe place to keep them overnight, and a means to track who's checked the camera out, and whether it's been checked back in.
      • currently money is tight - so it's not possible to cover insurance from debconf. this might change

The 2nc half of the meeting was very short, as martinl left & liiwi and mooch had to go to bed...

  • Administration
    • intro of participating persons
    • about HUT
      • mooch will send info to the list
    • donated hardware (or otherwise offered)
      • h01ger will try to gather all available info on the list or on #debconf-team
    • mandatory setup
      • need to discuss at some different time
    • optional setup
      • need to discuss at some different time
    • misc
  • next meeting / howto continue
    • via mail
    • at the next "regular" debconf5-irc meeting

Most topics are taken from DebConf5TodoVideoStreaming and DebConf5TodoAdministration

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