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Debian conference todo: IT administration


[edit] what does HUT provide

The networks in Otaniemi are separated in two: the dormitory network (TKY) and the student network of the university proper (TKK). Access from TKY to TKK is fairly easy, but access from TKK (or any other internet machine) to a TKY machine is firewalled and, to some extent, monitored.

The CS department has eth net and wlan net, which will have password access. (what does password access exactly mean in this context?)

The smökki is a single house with a very big room which we will rent 24/7 for the duration of the event. smökki has room for 150 people, so we might need

several (8?) APs there. - or in other words: - Smokki is the area where most likely we will be hacking during the debcamp. Is right in front of the building we are sleeping, it is moderatelly big, it has chairs and tables, it has a network hub, it costs not so much and can be open 24h.

The dormitory (4 floors plus basement) has already eth access in every room, with one eth point and one fixed ip address assigned (so bring small switches and hubs with you) and the CS has wireless which will have access all around the building and possibly some eth points where we can hook to in the rooms we will have available (plus possibly some other eth points in the main areas).

The servers can be most likelly locked, without any problem (how many? how big is the room?) . However, only a limited amount of ports will be allowed from-to the machine. mooch will contact the TKK/TKY admins to see if the limit can be overridden.

[edit] what machines do we get ?

  • Two machines from HP (one 4 CPU Opteron and one 4 CPU Xeon) are almost certain. Confirmation on the phone approximately as "should be okay but have to still verify it" (about two weeks ago). No detailed specs yet but apparently they will be custom made for us so probably will come as requested (16 GB RAM, 4x146 GB SCSI disk, 2xGbit Ethernet on board).
  • Asked for laptops too, got a negative answer, tried to argue that this would be also good marketing for them, no answer to that yet.
  • IBM: asked particularly for laptops and some servers, got an answer "should be able to give you some machines, including PowerPC" but no confirmation or specs yet. Haven't got really through to the right person despite asking, my contact preferred to put the topic forwards himself.
  • /me in in those three paragraphs is ajt
  • from intel we will get 30 Notebooks
    • three of them (or 3 extra?) dedicated to the video team - we need big harddiscs, some cpu power and firewire
    • please check, if it's easy to swap harddiscs, so we dont need usb-drives for recording...
  • 2 big 4way Xeon servers with lots of RAM and HD (send me specs please! What does comas want?)
    • it seems we want to use one for the video team
  • additional wireless accesspoints for the basement and the smökki.
  • some pegasos2 machines (please provide more details)

[edit] what do we need (=mandatory)

  • servers
    • local dns with client-updates via dhcp
    • for streaming (see DebConf5TodoVideoStreaming)
    • ldap for user-accounts (use debian-packages for the ldap setup)
    • nfs-homedir
    • build-machines (we get those 4 cpu servers...)
  • wireless network
    • without encryption or with wep
  • a printer or two

[edit] optional stuff

  • load balancing / traffic shaping
  • hacklab (desktop clients and notebooks, auto-installed)
  • servers
    • http-proxy
    • mirrors (should not be an issue. Mirrors in and other university networks are accesible, and have very big pipes)
    • ipsec-gateway
  • wireless network
    • with WPA
    • with ipsec (therefore we need a toolchain/process to issue/import certs)
  • run dsniff on our main router and point a DNS entry for a home page which displays anything we have captured (substituting some characters with other ones to still prevent those passwords from being used)

[edit] operating it

  • network management (contact to responsible local person?)
  • how do we deal with (network) questions, demands, issues, problems ? if one or two (or 3) persons are responsible for the whole time, they might not enjoy debconf that much... maybe each day someone different ? maybe shifts...

[edit] misc

  • blueprints or maps
  • how do we install the machines ?
  • how do we keep them uptodate ?

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