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[edit] Debconf todo: Sponsorship

A list of things we have to offer to our sponsors is at DebConf5SponsorsReturn.

This list is sorted with the companies that remain to be approached first, then the ones where an initial contact has been made and things are pending and finally the ones who committed to sponsorship allready.

  • Linspire
  • Intel waiting for result of AMD
  • Linuxmagazine phone contact
  • EMC need a contact...
  • OSDL how can i swing this? last year was unsuccessfull
  • Xandros
  • Progeny
  • Linuxmagazine phone contact
  • SuSE contacted, needs mail, waiting for data
  • Trolltech contacted
  • NUUGF contact
  • Canonical approached, they are thinking
  • ARM contacted and willing
  • IBM looks for good sponsorship opportunity.
  • HP meeting 05-01-10, will commit in the beginning of february, when their new fiscal quarter starts, same as last year expected
  • Sun perhaps last minute sponsorship, trigger shortly before
  • local linux companies: SOT who has a contact there?, F-Secure negotiating, Stonesoft wolf will ask
  • Dell wont sponsor centrally, european manager approached, locally retrigger: 01-25
  • AMD contacted and willing, retrigger 01-31
  • RedHat via anarchy, willing - Karen
  • NetApp both german contact and international, waiting for phone numbers
  • Nokia half of housing, some flights? customs? -> jesus
  • HostWay will sponsor debconf t-shirts, needs price and data on pics
  • O'Reilly need to contact english office now. who pays customs? Arto will ask Dataclub

Responsible: Andreas Schuldei

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