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[edit] General

IP allocation using DHCP, which also gives DNS, etc.

The range is

[edit] Wireless

  • Wireless isn't full coverage yet
  • DebConf5WirelessHowto

[edit] Open Ports

The firewall policy of university is fixed. Open tcp ports are:

  • 22 (ssh)
  • 21 (ftp) - out-of-the-box only passive ftp works, active ftp only works with special client settings. TODO: document them here
  • 80 (http)
  • 443 (https)
  • 143 (imap2)
  • 110 (pop3)
  • 119 (nntp)
  • 563 (nntps)
  • 873 (rsync)
  • 993 (imaps)
  • 995 (pop3s)
  • 2401 (cvs)
  • 3690 (svn)
  • 5222 (ftp-data)
  • 6667 (irc)
  • 8000
  • 8001
  • 8080

No outgoing udp packets are allowed.

icmp is filtered.

HowtoProxyThroughSSH describes how to use tsocks+ssh to get outside. Very nice.

[edit] Wired networks

Both network plugs in the dorm rooms work. You may need to remove the white cover to access the jack.

[edit] Local Servers

  • is a full mirror that is on the local network.
  • is close and relatively fast.
  • mirror is also network wise very near.
  • there is no trafficlimit, network works as best effort.
  • NTP server:
  • To send mail using smtp, use as your outgoing mail server.

[edit] Debconf5 Servers

To login to the following machines, use the login and password that is given in comas. (Same that is used for the wireless network.)

If you wish to change your password, you will need to see an administrator in the reception area, as the passwords are being distributed using LDAP.

The LDAP server is at; the information in the directory includes name, email address, room number, arrival- and departure times.


  • woody, sarge, testing and unstable chroots


  • woody, sarge, testing and unstable chroots
  • Full Debian mirror

[edit] Printing

  • Debconf5PrintingHowTo

[edit] KeyServers

Because the standard hkp keyserver port is blocked, change your ~/.gnupg/gnupg.conf to have one of the following lines.

 keyserver x-hkp://
 keyserver x-hkp://

[edit] Automated Debian Installs

If you netboot your i386 machine, you can automatically install Debian. You'll have to confirm that you want the partition to be really erased.

[edit] Lent Notebooks

Those people who asked for notebooks in advance will likely receive a notebook. Reinstall with netbooting as the current configuration is not as optimized as the lastest install. In case you are here since before Debconf5DebianDay it might be useful to run "fai softupdate" as root to get the latest configuration for your machine. Their might be some minor (or depending of your needs, major ;-) problems with the installation, which we will try to fix if possible and time permits. Feedback via mail (to the debconf5-team mailinglist) or in RL is most welcome, other means like irc or blogging might also be read.

On the toshiba tecra laptops you might need to switch to console and back to X11 to get a non fscked display.

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