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Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 10:45:40 +0200 From: Jesus Climent


Following the old tradition of giving some information to the people who are trying to get some things done around debconfs, i am posting the information related to what has been happening during the last weeks.

First of all, some debian developers had a meeting while enjoying a Sauna, and we came up with a list of activities which needed to be taken care of. The list was posted to this list, and can be found at

After that we had some conversations with HUT, and we came to the following:

  • one whole building could be rented to us, with space for 100/200 people
  • no furniture would be available
  • i am in conversations with the person in charge of renting the place to find out a renting company to provide at least some beds and chairs.

the apartment building has 100Mb network connection, so there is no need for cabling or putting any network infra.

Nokia has agreed in providing some funding for the renting of the building:

the complete rent price is 20Ke and Nokia agreed to sponsor half of it.

We still need to get some financial entity in Finland which can provide some capabilities to handle money issues. Read the archives at to understand the problem.

Update Fri 17 Sep 2004

Linux-Aktivaattori ry has agreed to function as the local legal entity.

Michelle Ribeiro and Wolf Bergenheim have taken the roles of webmaster for the new site, which will be running Drupal. The site is beeing set up atm.

Also some alternative locations were discussed, one such alternative would be Dipoli which is an education center located in Otaniemi. But it might be too expensive.

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