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[edit] Debconf todo: Conference Management System

This is a list of requirements or wishlist features, sorted by the time they are needed first.

  1. `Registration` What do we need from people at registration time?
    • irc nick
    • name, email, books they want, room mates
    • arrival and departure time, flight numbers?
    • want to participate at keysigning party? /Registration is basically done - Arrival, departure, flight numbers and KSP participation can be easily added./ _registration time (chistmas)_
    1. `Mailing Lists` automatic subscription and removal to deconf mailinglists _registration time_
    2. `Password Handling` for website, conference network, perhaps even mailinglist(?), (using mod_kerberos for fast and easy authentification during the conf?) /I would stay out of going into mod_kerberos - We have already the whole system based on Apache::Session... although, if someone volunteers to doing it... :) Just keep in mind that Comas was not just planned to run under Apache (although it does right now), so... Well, I would like any change to be mapped into the Comas model/ _registration time_
  2. `Lists` create room lists, arrival and departure lists _between registration and reconfirmation_
  3. `notification system` remind people to attend talks, book food, book trips? does this need an irc/mail interface? is this the same notification system that notifies people to reconfirm their registration before registration time? _before reconfirmation_
  4. `Talks/bofs Management` manages talks/bofs <-> auditoriums <-> interested participants <-> best day (when most interested people are at the conference). /The conference system right now manages the first relation, and the second relation is implemented a bit differently, but can be somewhat easily be made. The third relation... Well, help wanted :)/ _between reconfirmation and conference start_
  5. `DebConf5COMASTalkScheduling` Finding potential for parallelizing talks/bofs by identify disjoint set of people wanting to attend different talks and put those talks into different rooms at the same time if possible, minimizing the overlap. /Needs to be done, right? A./ _between reconfirmation and conference start_
  6. `room booking` (prefere to share a room with participants X and Y) or see to it that people are distributed evenly over all available rooms _reconfirmation time_
  7. `trip booking` (want to participate in certain recreational activities) _during reconfirmation(?) an during conference_
  8. `Name Tag Printing` (even late arrivals who show up spontanious) Done. _conference start_
  9. `food booking` (when do people want to eat at debconf, when not? what kind of food at what day?) _during conference_

R: Gunnar Wolf: /My comments are the italicized text/ /Mine too!/ Andreas Schuldei. (c:

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