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DebConf 4 will be hold in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from May 26th to June 2nd, right before FISL (Internacional Free Software Forum).

This is a internal work page, not intended for people outside from the organizing committee. "Regular" information at our website:

General TODO List:

  • Call For Papers - Will we go for the simple-mail or will we copy FISL's one (I don't see why)
  • Press Release
  • Air fare sponsorship taskforce - We have to decide how it's going to work. What will our criteria be and so on.
  • Macan's document
  • Conference websystem (basicly scheduling) - something like ["MCal"] or PHP-Calendar
  • And conference documentation - this is a long term issue: we have to document our experience so people can reuse it in DebConf5, 6, 7...

Web Site TODO List:

 Still need working DRUPAL/node/view/11
  • MOSTLY Transport (to and from airport, FISL, cabs, bus - specially signs and prices)
  • DONE Rent cars
  • DONE Local area map
  • Kinds of local foods (information for vegans)
  • Nice places to visit around Porto Alegre and how to go there (like parks, museums, restaurants, etc)
  • BEGAN Laundry (SESC have one)
  • Supermarkets
  • BEGAN Public wireless lans - need the blueprints information
  • Mobile phone networks
  • BEGAN Electricity (voltage, Hz, wall socket types). See
  • DONE Whether there are diseases (malaria?) that people need to get vaccinated for?
  • DONE Tipping practices
  • DONE Emergency phones
  • DONE Inform about yellow fever vacuum. See
  • A wiki page for people feedback

During the Conf:

  • DONE Support for DD with special needs (blinds too) - SESC have availability, or they can manage with partnerships with other places/
  • Ask local people to monitor groups during Debconf
  • Put a list on the web site and around the event with local DD and volunteers telephones
  • Have a first aid kit at SESC (medicaments for headache, etc)
  • During the subscription, confirm with the attendes, the name and the phone to contact in any emergency case.
  • Make a formal dinner, when DPL can talk

<enrico> A useful thing that we had in Vis were facilitators: someone whose duty was to make things go smooth. An example of a facilitator role could be having a walk around from time to time and updating a big central whiteboard with all that is going on

We're discussing the DebConf4Digital infrastructure.

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