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This page exists to track hardware that will be available for testing the [D-iTest] candidate between 27-30 May.

[edit] Hardware at DebConf4

  • A number of ["i386"] desktop machines, reasonably modern. The confernce has 30 or 40, we can borrow a few.
  • Jonas Smedegaard

I will bring a 1st generation ["Apple"] TiBook (pretty common 15" ["PowerPC"] laptop), Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 re-flashed into an SL-C860 (a somewhat rare ARM-based handheld).

  • Daniel Ruoso

It may be possible to take my iMac DV+ with me I would just need a usb keyboard, as mine isn't working very well. This would be my second try on running linux on it (I gave up last time because I couldn't setup firewire video capture + video editing on it and other several desktop problems...). Needs Yaboot

  • Christian Perrier

i386 with FireWire for me if I don't forget my DockingStation.

  • Jeff Bailey

I need to check PowerAdapter s and such, but I should be able to bring a netwinder.

  • Gustavo Franco

maybe a Sun ultra 1

  • Colin Watson: PowerBook G4

[edit] Other testing

(Outside DebConf4 during this time period)

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