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Welcome to the wiki for DebConf 18 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is being hosted at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) from July 29 to August 5, 2018. Before that there is DebCamp, July 21st to July 27th, and and the Open Day, July 28th this year.


[edit] Handy printable PDF version of this information

This is the document you might want printed twice in your luggage, for customs questions and etc. It has map of the venue, photos of airport directions, important contact information, Mandarin phrases you can point to, bus directions and more.


[edit] Annual Debian Conference

DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributers and users interested in improving the Debian project, one of the largest Free Software projects worldwide. The Debian Project is an association of volunteer individuals who have made common cause to create an operating system entirely of Free Software.

Once a year they gather and concentrate on the development and improvement of the Debian distribution. DebConf is a combination of concurrent scheduled talks, plenaries, development sprints, hacking time and ad-hoc meetings and sessions.

[edit] Before departing for TPE

In case of any problems (including delays or cancellation), please contact <> as soon as possible, or if you are already travelling, phone or SMS the Front Desk at +886-701-017-2223 or 0701-017-2223 locally (please limit the use of this number after hours in local time to emergencies).

Check your travel documents. Will your passport remain valid for the duration of your stay? Do you have all necessary travel authorizations such as an eVISA or visa?

Notify your bank that you'll be travelling to Taiwan to avoid having your card(s) blocked.

Do you have travel insurance? This could be important should you become in need of medical attention, as the Taiwan national health insurance system does not cover travellers. Be sure to also check with your provider if you're covered in case of lost or stolen items, such as electronics and computer devices.

Note that cheese can be imported but without ham or bacon. Less than 6kg is free of duty. For alcohol, the permitted allowance is 1L of wine and beer. This information might be relevant to your (optional) contribution to the Cheese and Wine party.

[edit] Accommodation Details

All details regarding conference-provided accommodation are on the Accommodation page.

[edit] What to Bring

An international adapter (if required) and power supplies for all your devices.

Light clothes. It's summer in Taiwan, and the days are hot and often humid. The daily maximums range from 27 to 33°C, while nights usually drop to around 24 to 30°C. The conference venue will be air conditioned so depending on the outdoor conditions and the number of people in the venue, the indoor temperature could get relatively cold so do also bring along a couple of warmer clothing items such as a hoodie. It will rain from time to time so a raincoat and/or umbrella will be useful. Don't forget a reusable water bottle and sunscreen if you plan to enjoy the outdoors.

An Ethernet cable is always useful to have, if we have WiFi trouble. WiFi should be available in every area we use on the campus.

Printed PGP/GPG fingerprint slips, if you want to have your key signed by other peers.

[edit] Airport Arrival

[edit] Public Transit

See DebConf18/Getting Around

[edit] Front Desk location

1st floor of DebConf18/Venue.

[edit] Conference Schedule

Now would be a good time to plan your stay and start thinking of the talks you want to see. The schedule is available here.

You can find instructions for loading the schedule on your mobile device here.

[edit] Anti-harassment

Familiarize yourself with the Codes of Conduct for both Debian and DebConf. If you are harassed, or observe harassment, you can contact one of the following people directly on-site:

  • Tássia Camões Araújo (tassia at debian . org)
  • Enrico Zini (enrico at debian . org)
  • Molly de Blanc (deblanc at riseup . net)
  • Taowa Munene-Tardif (taowa at debconf . org)

Choose the person you feel comfortable talking or writing to. Frontdesk can also help you.

You can also write to but be aware that none of the delegated contacts are onsite.

[edit] Local Points of Interest

Make sure you have a look at the local POIs for interesting spots to know about near the venue:

And be sure to sign up early for a DebConf18/DayTrip!

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