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The Day Trip will be held Wednesday. August 1, 2018.


[edit] Industry Tour A


Link: /A

[edit] Cultural Tour B

Introduction is TBD

  • Places
    • HsinChu railway station (新竹火車站)
    • Nan-Men street and Guan-Di temple (南門路及關帝廟)
    • Cheng-Huang temple (城隍廟)
    • Traditional market and lunch (傳統市場和午餐)
    • Bei-men street (北門老街)
    • HsinChu state government office (新竹州廳)
    • HsinChu city government office (新竹市役所)
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Lead: Wen Liao
  • Detailed timelines

[edit] Participants:

  1. Wen Liao
  2. Ondřej Nový
  3. Kateřina Nová
  4. David Nový
  5. Ondřej Kobližek
  6. Markéta Kobližková

[edit] Hiking Tour C

[edit] Participants:

[edit] Biking Tour D

[edit] Participants:

[edit] Nature Tour E

  • Places:
  • Capacity:
  • Organizer:

[edit] Participants:

[edit] Tea Ceremony Tour F

Hsinchu area has it's repetition on Taiwanese tea industry in the history. The famous "Oriental Beauty Tea" is from this area. We would visiting the local tea house to have some real "Oriental Beauty tea" and explore the story of the "Oriental Beauty". Have lunch at Beipu old street. And then visiting the oldest tea factory in this area - Formosa Tea Industry And Culture Gallery. And also bring some "Dried Persimmon" which is very good Tea snacks.

  • Places:
  1. Oriental Beauty Tea(峨眉茶行+東方美人茶故事館)
  2. Beipu (北埔老街)
  3. Formosa Tea Industry And Culture Gallery (臺紅茶業文化)
  4. Jinhan Dried Persimmon (金漢柿餅園區)
  • Capacity: TBD
  • Lead: Macy Lin

[edit] Participants:

  1. Andrew Lee
  2. Ximin Luo

[edit] Beer Brewery Tour G

  • Places:
  1. Legend Brewery Craft Beer (傳奇精釀啤酒)
  • Capacity: 40 people
  • Fee: 200TWD (Including beers)
  • Organizer:Eric Su

[edit] Participants:

[edit] Industry Tour H

Registration **BEGINS** 2018/6/1

[edit] Participants:

(Registration **BEGINS** 2018/6/1)

[edit] Other possibilities

[edit] Insurance

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