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[edit] On-site

[edit] Dorm 12

We will be sleeping in Dorm 12. We can fit 4 people in a room. The bed frames are separated.

  • Laundromat is available on every floor of the dorm.

[edit] Maps

[edit] Bed Set

  • We will provide you bed set.
    • Mattress (90cm x 180cm for lower or 75cm x 180cm for upper)
    • Quilt
    • Pillow
    • Pillow Cover
    • Carry Bag for Quilt
    • Slipper Bag for Mattress
  • NOTE: Please keep the two bags. Don't dump it. Unless you want to bring all the stuff back.
  • It is encouraged to bring all the things back. All of these are free. But if you don't want them an would like to leave those stuff to us. Please save the bags for us to repack.

[edit] Air conditioning controller guide

By spwhitton, who knows approx. zero of any Chinese language.

  • Bottom righthand button is power.
  • Display shows current temperature. If you use the up and down arrows you can select the target temperature, which will be displayed briefly, before the display reverts to the current temperature.
  • The two buttons on the darker blue background each cycle through four settings. On the lefthand side, the items are: automatic; air conditioning; dehumidifier; fan. The righthand side controls the strength of the air, with the top setting being the strongest, down to the weakest.
  • Bottom lefthand button is to start or stop the movement of the fins. So for example if the air is blowing in your face and you would like to adjust that, press the button, wait until the fins are pointed more towards the ceiling, and press the button again.
  • The righthand button has something to do with setting a timer. The lefthand button turns the fan down to the quietest setting for 8 hours, after which it reverts to normal (hence is marked "good sleep mode")

Translations (from the debconf mailinglist):

溫度設定 temperature settings
自動 automatic | 自動 automatic
冷氣 air cooling mode | 強風 strong wind
除溼 air dehumidifying mode | 弱風 weak wind
送風 just blow | 微風 breeze
功能 function | 風速 power speed
舒眠 (good-to-sleep mode, essentially quiet mode) | 定時 scheduled on/off
            運轉 running
韻律 (maybe periodic) | 電源 power

[edit] Keys

  1. Building entrance card (limited, not everyone gets one)
  2. Room key
  3. Air conditioning card (don't waste it or you'll be sorry.)

[edit] Power outage

  • Dorm 12 Planned Power Outage: 7/28 07:00~18:00.
  • Dorm 12 Unplanned Power Outage: 7/29 16:45~TBD.

[edit] Wi-Fi

1st Floor only (hotspot in hall between rooms 104-106 apparently .)

  • SSID: DebConf18
  • Password: debianbuster

All other floors have only wired connection. Plug in your cable_ contact the conference front desk if there is any problem.

[edit] Quiet

Your even normal conversations will surely wake even people on the next floor, so just don't.

As your observe the slats above your door allow sound to travel miles.

[edit] Off-site

[edit] Contact

All questions and inquiries regarding either accommodation or registration should be directed to the Registration Team:[1]

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