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Please help packing up the venue and cleaning. We have not contracted cleaning help. Everyone is asked to clean a little more than the messes they have made.

  • return keys, AC Card, RFID Card (if you have one) to the Front Desk. (IMPORTANT: we pay a non-trivial fine for each one that is lost, so if you don't return it, we will have to ask you to please post it back to Taiwan.)
  • sweep and mop rooms
  • If you can take any used blankets or mats or pillows back to your country, we appreciate it because it helps us a lot. Even just bring back used blankets helps us. But if you don't want them, please put blankets and mats into their plastic bags, and drop on the 6th floor of the dorm.
  • sweeping laundry room, removing trash
  • removing mats from dorms after the last night (we hope a local charity will pick them up)
  • sweeping and cleaning the venue
  • cleaning the hack-lab and rearranging classroom tables, facing whiteboards
  • Sponsors, please pick up sponsor packs from frontdesk if you haven't already done so
  • We will remove the printer after closing ceremony. If you need printing service, you can upload pdf to 7-11 or FamilyMart. Please see this page CloudPrinting
  • Transportation instructions can be found at Leaving transportation.
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