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A list of family-friendly fun activities for DebConf18.

These are working ideas, feel free to add!


[edit] On site

There are many fun activities we could organize at the venue itself. Here are some ideas that are being considered. Feel free to add more ideas, and indicate whether you'd be interested in organize it!

[edit] Bamboo Lake

Bamboo Lake is a beautiful lake in the university. People living near usually hiking around the lake.

  • Photo
  • Route from venue to the lake Map. (just suggestion, add your own below)

[edit] Yuyu Yang's Steel Sculptures

There are many steel sculptures designed by Yuyu Yang inside the campus. Yuyu is an abstract artist. His sculptures combine the abstract art and the Chinese elements. Please seek these steel sculptures in public places in the campus.

[edit] Exhibition in the Library

In the B1 floor of the library, there's a place for modern art exhibition.

  • Route from venue to the library Map
  • Entry is in the B1 floor (underground) of the library. There's a room, and there's people for service, be brave, just walk in.
  • Cost: free
  • Note: You don't need to exchange any your ID cards/passport for entrances. That's for the library.

For the library itself, the entrance is in the 1F. There is a gate. It is able to enter the library but you need to exchange your passport to a temporary entrance card in front the gate. They will keep your passport. And return the card to get back your password while leave.

See also:

[edit] In the neighborhood

Several points of interest.

[edit] Cooler place for brave people (just for example)

Nothing there. Just as an example. Please add something by yourself.

  • Map: OSM Hey that's a cemetery!
  • Getting there: 10 minutes walk from the accommodation.
  • Cost: a lot.

[edit] NTHU night markets.

NTHU is next door to our NCTU. Next door to NTHU is a night market. Lots of food after dinner time to 23:59.

[edit] Swimming Pool /Gym NCTU

Nearby is a swimming pool an a gym:

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