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This page aims to give clear informations about how well the priorites listed by DebConf are achieved and other needed information.


[edit] Status updates

[edit] Priority list

1 - "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees

Accommodation is free inside the campus. Food is cheap in average everywhere. The hotel in close proximity is not expensive. It could be a chance for those who haven't attended DebConf before due to expensive flights from Asia.

2 - strong, mature, experienced local team

We have 3 MiniDebconf/MiniDebcamp before the event. And large conference like COSCUP with more than 800 people.

3 - good working spaces

Have many locations for hacking/working purposes in the venue and dormitory.

4 - excellent network connectivity

WiFi everywhere in the campus. NCTU is network center, so network quality shall be great. At least 1Gbps uplink between building and campus network center, uplink is 100G.

5 - quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity

Lots of restaurants inside the campus. If that's not enough we have supermarkets that can be reached with cars.

6 - suitable accommodation in close proximity

Just outside the door of the campus. Hotels also available in close proximity.

7 - presentation facilities

Each room has projector and mic.

8 - travel logistics

Many direct flights from Frankfurt (FRA), Amsterdam (AMS), Los Angeles (LAX) and London (LHR).

9 - accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is generally available, and guide bricks are available in the venue building.

[edit] Strong points in our bid

  • High quality place. Low cost. On both accommodation and food.
  • Experienced team can handle large conferences.
  • Open source / free software communities are quite active.

[edit] Weak points in our bid

  • The weather. Has some possibility to have typhoon.
  • Special meals for allergic people. Generally in Taiwan we don't have much food allergy that mostly happened on Western people.
  • Language.

[edit] Strong points in other bids

  • Weather is better. At least without typhoon and earthquakes.
  • More English speaker.
  • maddog suggested.
  • Local Debian community seems to be more active.
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