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This page aims to give clear informations about how well the priorites listed by DebConf are achieved and other needed information.


[edit] Status updates

[edit] Priority list

1 - "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees

For people coming from North America and Europe, Brazil should be very cheap.

2 - strong, mature, experienced local team

None of us has experience with the DebConf organization. However, we have had great experiences in organizing various free Software events, including 2 MiniDebconfs.

3 - good working spaces

UFTPR has several teaching labs that can be used as hacklabs so this should not be a problem. There are also outdoor tables close to the auditoriums; depending on the weather they are good as well.

4 - excellent network connectivity

UTFPR has a 1gbps link so we should be good.

5 - quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity

There is a mall across the street from the venue. It has a food court that is able to feed several hundreds of people at a time. There are viable vegan and vegetarion options in several of the restaurants of the food court. Also, there are many restaurants around the venue because it is in a comercial area. There is a supermarket few blocks from the venue.

6 - suitable accommodation in close proximity

There are several hotels really close to the venue. The ones we are targetting are just 2-3 blocks away.

7 - presentation facilities

We will be using 2 auditoriums that are great for presentations. We will be able to use as many classrooms as we need.

8 - travel logistics

Curitiba (CWB) is a short flight away from the major hubs in Brazil (São Paulo - GRU, Brasília - BSB, Rio de Janeiro - GIG).

9 - accessibility

The city of curitiba has good accessibility. Almost all streets have signage to facilitate accessibility. UTFPR is well-suited for easy access by all.

[edit] Strong points in our bid

  • Experience team organizing free software events
  • Curitiba is a multicultural metropolis
  • City with easy mobility
  • Huge variety of food
  • Strong hospitality of Brazilians
  • Good weather - winter is not strict here.
  • Strong local debian community
  • Venue is a public university and it will be free of costs
  • Comfortable accommodation (hotel)

[edit] Weak points in our bid

  • Accomodation costs
  • Accomodation is not in the same building of the venue
  • We don't have experience to organize Debconf previously

[edit] Strong points in other bids

  • Hsinchu is in Asia. It would be the first Debconf on that continent.
  • Accomodation free of costs
  • Local IT Companies are internacional and they have many developers and engineers
  • Local people are mostly english speakers.
  • Contact with Oriental culture
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