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[edit] DC18 BID evaluation 2017/01/24

[edit] <h01ger_dc> you're mostly living in curibata atm, right?

On the core team we have 7 living in Curitiba and 2 living in other cities.

[edit] <DLange_dc> do you have anybody from the Porto Alegre team still?

Not directly, but Michelle Ribeiro, Gleydson Mazioli and Pablo Lorenzzon declared support to our bid: (
Gleydson and Michelle have a small company and they intend to help us, probably with sponsorship.

[edit] <highvoltage_dc> are you close to UTFPR?

Samuel Henrique studies Computer Engineering at UTFPR. Paulo is finishing his postgraduate studies there. Lenharo is pursuing his master's degree there.

Some Free Software events organized by us were held at UTFPR on the past, and MiniDebConf Curitiba 2017 is gong to be held there.

[edit] <highvoltage_dc> Have any of you participated in organisation of any recent DebConfs?


[edit] <h01ger_dc> FISL was never in curitiba?

No, FISL is always held in Porto Alegre.

[edit] <DLange_dc> could you tell us what each of you do within the bid team (who's responsible for finance, food, venue relations?)

We are not making a hard split of the responsibilities now. For example, when we need to go to the venue, we ask who can go.

Most off the presencial tasks (like visit the venue) is done by Paulo and Terceiro because they are working from home. The tasks that can be done online are done by everyone.

[edit] <cate_dc> Could you tell also about orga not here. We noticed also for dc16 and dc17, that IRC is not more so used by "new" people

IRC is not very popular here in Brazil anymore. For many years mailing lists were used by everyone, but on the last years, we saw the increase of social networks like Facebook and unfortunately the new generation prefer to use groups on Facebook. But Free Software communities have been using groups on Telegram. Here in Curitiba we have used Telegram because it's mobile friendly. For example, in almost all companies we don't have access to IRC, but we can easily access Telegram using a cellphone.

If DC18 take place in Curitiba, we going to use IRC and the mailing lists, for sure. This is not a issue for us.

[edit] <h01ger_dc> so, you have "experts on the team"? (except valessio for art ;)

Adriana has a degree in Advertising.
Fabianne is Filmmaker specialized in Libre graphics, she has a degree in Architechture and master's degree in Visual Arts.

[edit] <lucas_dc> you mentioned minidebconf: how big/mini was that? can you describe the format (days, rooms, attendees)

The MiniDebConf Curitiba 2016 had over two days dedicated to Debian with 20 hours of programming, 85 attendees, 12 lectures, 7 Lightning Talks and 5 Workshops.

[edit] <h01ger_dc> btw, did the 2016 minidebconf have videos?

Yes, but they are at YouTube sill. The video quality is not very good because we did it more like a test to learn how to do.
We are planning to do proper video for the 2017 minidebconf.

[edit] <OdyX_dc> So, both teams; how good do you understand the process, its stakeholders, and its consequences?

All of them are ok for us.

[edit] <cate_dc> To the two teams: how well are welcomed foreign in our country?

On the last years, we had the opportunity to receive many foreign tourists in Brazil because of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. It's true that most Brazilians do not speak English, but most people will goes out of their way when someone asks for help.

Many cities in Brazil have their economy based on tourism, so it is important for them to always receive tourists. And Brazilians like to make their guests feel welcome, this is very important to us.

A study published by the Ministry of Tourism in the end of 2016 list the cities will be most visited in this summer. Curitiba is the 7th on the ranking.

[edit] <OdyX_dc> To the two teams: if the other team wins for DebConf 18, would you run for DebConf 19? If not, what makes winning 2018 so different from winning 2019 ?

If we loose, for sure we would like to run again to DebConf19. But before we confirm that, we need to know why we lost. If the problem is something we can't change, for example: we don't have accomodation with free costs and if we run against a Bid that has accomadation free. If the costs of accomodation is a decisive question, our costs will be always an issue for us.

[edit] <cate_dc> what about crime rate? risk of pickpocket? (I'm thinking also on venue, for our laptops and gadgets)

The venue is in a very busy area, so it's usually safe to walk around most of the day because there are always lots of people circulating. It's more secure to walk in groups late night.

Inside the venue it is safe, but you should not leave your belongings alone at any time. If you want to leave your laptop alone on the table, we strongly suggest you buy one cable lock:

[edit] <cate_dc> hmm.... some difficult question... how stable are your governments/institutions? <h01ger_dc> cate_dc: right, there was something happening in brazil last year…

In 2016 the president elected in 2014 was impeached by the Congress because of corruption in her government. Until today, there are discussions if she was really involved or not.

The vice-president before is now the president. So, there are disccussions too if he is corrrupt or not. There are investigations about some politicals and we are waiting to know what will happen to them.

In recent history we never had a big strike in Brazil. Some strikes happen in specific categories such as bank workers to ask for salary increase. The strikes are always because of the salaries.

[edit] <DLange_dc> to Curitiba: how many hotels would we need for 300 people? Are there large ones close by? <DLange_dc> how far from the venue? <h01ger_dc> could we fit in one hotel? would we claim one? or would we be disttributed over 2-3 <DLange_dc> so <1 km?

We will have to use two hotels, but they are very close.
Some of them are marked on the map and their distance to the venue are:

  • Nacional Inn Curitiba = 350m
  • Hostel Roma = 450m
  • San Juan Executiva = 700m
  • Victoria Villa Hotel = 750m
  • Lizon Curitiba Hotel = 1km
  • Nacional Inn Torres = 1km

[edit] <h01ger_dc> "Network connectivity. UTFPR has a excellent link"; whats excellent link in brazil? 100mbit? 1gigabit? 10gb? * h01ger_dc also wonders about the venues, whether we can put up our own cables

1 Gbps. Yes, we can put up our own cables.

[edit] <cate_dc> Is international food available near the venue (some attendees are picky)?

Yes, there is a big Mall right in front of the venue with a lot of food options:
And there are many restaurants around the venue because It's a comercial area.
In Curitiba you can find chinese food, japanese food, italian food, american fast food and lots of others.
There are two local supermarkets 850m and 1.5km far from venue.

In Brazil we have a kind of restaurante called "buffet" where you can find many kinds of foods like beans, rice, pasta, meat, fish, chicken and vegetables and greens.
So, you can choose only you want to eat.

[edit] <cate_dc> How easy it is to travel in your country with family (and children)? (dc16 was difficult)

It's easy because you just need to travel with your passports. It's not necessary any special authorization.

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