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This is a draft page. Information on this page may not be accurate. Please help with expansions and corrections.

We're looking for volunteers to help us staff the front desk, to welcome peoples, hands out gift bags, gives them direction and assist them through the conference.

If you'd like to volunteer, please add your informations in the table bellow or contact us/nattie (confirm point of contact, way to contact email, irc, mailling list???).

[edit] Tasks

Inspiration is available on FrontDesk and also DebConf12/Frontdesk depending on our own local organization goals.

[edit] Volunteers

Name Nickname Email address
Bob McNotAlice bob bob@localhost.localnet.invalid
Guillaume Beaudoin soli dc17 at soli dot ca

[edit] Shifts

As the date of the conference approach, we'll ask you to volunteer for one or more shifts at the front desk. Information about expected rush time would be nice so that we can staff the desk more heavily during that time.

Question: do we put the shifts in the wiki or use some kind of interface in wafer?

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