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[edit] Agenda

  1. DebCamp Call for Sprints
    1. Social
    2. Tennis
    3. Birthday - status? (Not an official thing this year)
  2. Budget approval
  3. Budget status at CMC (shall we put another R100k (=2xSilver) there or SPI?)
    1. UCT logo on website, bags (swag)? (NK: with the amount we paying them? free advertising? hrmmm)
  4. Open Weekend (to note, nothing to explicitly discuss)
    1. Schedule -
    2. Open hardware -
    3. Posters -
    4. (where does talk templates go? Just want to link to on the wiki)
    5. Local community exposure
  5. Local input needed: Medical FAQ
  6. Team statuses: Is there something your team need to notify to the entire group? milestone, requests, ...
  7. Parking: are we happy with P6 (D11, I think, on the new map) for day visitors? The other option is P18 (higher than A5 on the map). but the walk up there is quite hard. We are trying for P3 (E6 on the map) for people staying at Fuller. When can we give projected numbers to UCT? (ginggs)
  8. Any network/infrastructure questions for ICTS meeting at 11:00 SAST tomorrow? Please ask your questions on #debconf-infra (ginggs)
  9. Stickers - do we have a plan? (Or general: Merchandise?) (indiebio)
  10. Swag bag (contents) - do we have a plan? (Is this info confidential?) (indiebio)

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

[18:38:10] AGREED: highvoltage to post sprint announcement (tumbleweed) [18:39:50] AGREED: highvoltage to contact UCT sports admin re tennis (tumbleweed) highvoltage: Tennis - For venue hire enquiries contact UCT Sports Admin: 021 650 3553

[18:54:39] AGREED: nkukard to submit current budget to mehdi for approval (tumbleweed)

[18:57:42] AGREED: DLange and nkukard to draw up a ZAR cashflow projection (tumbleweed)

[19:30:37] AGREED: ginggs to find out who controls the menzies monitor (tumbleweed)


  • Cake is not an official thing this year
  • ginggs and indiebio to engage with UCT marketing, about logo on website (try to reduce costs)
  • swag info is confidential, removed from wiki menu page.
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