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  • Please note: If you are comfortable with adding your name, please do so. Being able to talk or relate to a real person is a huge help when first being introduced to Debian.

The aim of this initiative during the DebConf16 Open Weekend is to showcase Debian running on various hardware doing different things, even unusual things. "Debian-Edu would be a good candidate to share and showcase as well as Debian Med and other such blends which run/use specific hardware which ties in debian, for instance the galileo package which just entered Debian archive just today which works with 'fitbit' devices"

For documentation on how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific hardware, see DebianOn project[1]

cubietruck in a reproducible build testing system, Many ARMed Monster of Reproducibility


[edit] So what's the deal with these 'open'-(ish) mobile phones?

Debian has for a long time been a good alternative OS for handhelds, it is just rare that they ship with 'pure' Debian pre-installed (for even a quite liberal definition of pure).

Usual suspects - Debian on mobile: Openmoko FreeRunner and its brethen, Nokia N900, Google Nexus devices, GTA04,Nokia N9, Nokia N950, Neo900, Jolla, Samsung Galaxy series phones, Palm Pre and various Android Devices.

[edit] Nokia N900

Steven Chamberlain: The Nokia N900 shipped in 2009 with a Debian-derived OS, and even this year I see recent commits to mainline Linux kernel and debian-installer for that device. It's possible to run pure Debian on these devices now. And Neo900 might happen someday...

Before having an N900, I had a Sharp Zaurus clam-shell handheld (which is not a phone), but pure Debian could be installed on that too IIRC.

[edit] The Pyra handheld (with LTE modem) by Dragonbox

Likely won't ship until after DebConf16, but the OS being developed for it is a very clean Debian armhf rootfs.

Paul Wise (pabs):The Pyra looks almost perfect but has PowerVR and won't have the same modem isolation/monitoring as the Neo900. I am really looking forward to the Neo900 existing (sigh PowerVR) but I'm not sure I will be able to afford it and many laptops are cheaper than it.

[edit] C.H.I.P.

Maybe someone could bring a PocketCHIP to DebConf, if those ship anytime soon?

[edit] Linux Tablets

[edit] Routers

What would be interesting to see is probably wired and wireless routers which can debian minimalist and being used in various ways, as media/entertainment/home theatre server for one.

[edit] Small Boards

Many ARMed Monster of Reproducibility[2] Describing the adventures building a build-network of armhf machines to run reproducibility tests, using a variety of readily available consumer-grade boards to increase possible reproducibility problems due to hardware differences. Vagrant Cascadian, Monday 16:10 - 16:30[3]

[edit] Requirements for showcasing open hardware from local team

Please add any projects or requirements or anything you would like to see featured, and we will try our best to make it happen. Sponsors and local companies are also welcome to add offerings here.

Project General requirements (plug point, screen, etc) Specific requirements (software, ... etc) Comments/Feedback/Ideas Have-to-have components Nice-to-have components Responsible person
Linux / Debian install fest computer screen, laptop(s) to illustrate on USB or similar with install on more USB, CD's? to give away shirish, indiebio, CLUG
Android Apps

You can easily get any Android phone that is GPL compliant to run some parts of Debian in a very hacky way.

The ShowMeBox Project ginggs (& indiebio)
Gaming games like 0ad or/and vdrift, supertuxkart
Raspberri Pi ginngs: As far as pricing and availability in South Africa goes, I believe the Raspberry Pi 3 @ R642 ex VAT is the best bang-for-your-buck: It has a powerful CPU (more cores, more bits, more megahertz) and built-in wifi. The board design and the chips are not open. It does need a proprietary piece of software (or firmware) in order for it to boot. That piece of software can not be kept in the Debian main repository, but could easily be kept in Debian non-free (and plenty of similar software does). Ubuntu, a derivative of Debian, have a nicely packaged, compete (including boot firmware) distribution for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3:

LulzBot Mini 3D Printer 2 outlets or power strip. Computer running GNU/Linux (Debian 7+) Cura LulzBot Edition v19.12 Download the latest version by following the guide at Follow the included Quick Start Guide to setup the 3D printer & complete the first print prior to the event if possible. Our support team is available 7 days a week by emailing 3mm filament & USB cable is included The 3D printer has an 120V/220V internal PSU /w IEC plug
Debian Med
Phones to hack
Home automation
Data Visualisation
Open tablet
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