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[edit] Agenda

  1. Swag
    1. T shirts
    2. (Hoodies for sale??)
    3. Bags
  2. Statuses
    1. catering
    2. registration (confirmation, bursaries/diversity, number of attendees at DebCamp, DebConf)
    3. network, video
    4. debian day
  3. Volunteers (need a call, or we have enough help [setup, bags, video, ...])
    1. add intros to wiki on daytrips (link: - done, thanks dumbassman!
  4. Email and publicity
    1. Welcome mail (so only one more mail to attendees)
    2. General announces (global, local)
    3. Sprints and schedule
  5. Sponsors
    1. fulfillment email forwarder (#action indiebio to send an email summary) - goes to sponsors ML
    2. logos on website - please check if all there
  6. To note: Press, marketing: all hands on deck
  1. Actions from past meetings:
    1. indiebio to send email to sponsors asking about local sponsor proportionally increased involvement. - done
    2. VAT Outcome (as per NK)

We cannot claim VAT. We must pay VAT if its on an invoice presented to us. Here is the legal policy guide: VAT411 (82 pages) -

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. DLange to get fulfillment@ to alias to debconf-sponsors and/or be deleted
  2. indiebio to update her git and check zsd and takealot is on website
  3. azeem, indiebio follow up "cumulus and plathome have confirmed as bronze and could go up"
  4. indiebio to check with her sewing shop what the deal is with impromptu logo embroidery
  5. decide on a hoodie plan
  6. tamo to order bags. With teh 2nd liner
  7. indiebio and wendar to talk Open Day schedule (email)
  8. indiebio to follow up on ShowMeBox emails
  9. highvoltage to post a plan and announce sprint lists on the wiki
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