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See the Main Daytrip page for further details.

Lovely people of DebConf: This is where you can sign up for the Day Trip! Please sign up for one of the below. If the size limit has been exceeded, you can add yourself to the waiting list and we will try to see if we can arrange something.


[edit] Robben Island (Cancelled - No Longer happening)

This trip is cancelled due to bad weather.
You might want to organise a trip to this yourself after DebConf if you have some time available -
If your name is below, you might want to move it to another slot!
Robben Island tour sign up
# name # name # name
1. N.N. (local organiser) 2. .. 3. Cyril Bouthors (cyrilb)
4. RattusRattus@d.o 5. 6.
7. Mrfai 8. 9. pollo
10. 11. Rhonda 12. tobi@d.o
13. Stephan Sürken 14. ... 15. Gerhard Dittes
16. Tomasz Rybak 17. 18.
19. Mark Brown 20. 21. neilm

[edit] Cape Point Nature Reserve and Boulders Beach - Penguins!

About a 50km drive each way, animals to be seen en-route. Most South-Western point of Africa. Take the Funicular/Walk up to the Light House. On the way back to CT, you can stop and see/walk with the Penguins, at Boulders Beach. This is the locals' recommended option!

  • Fare collected on bus: R225 (R100 transport, R125 entry fee to Cape Point)
  • Optional Costs (self-paid): R65 entry to Boulders Beach, Cape Point Funicular R58 (return price)
  • Size limit: 120
  • Time leaving from Fuller: 10:00am, two busses, Fuller parking lot.
  • Tour duration: Expected back at Fuller 18:00pm
  • Dress warmly with walking shoes
Cape Point Nature Reserve and Boulders Beach BUS ONE
# name # name # name
1. Daniel Lange 2. Julian Andres Klode 3. Matthias Klumpp
4. Michael Meskes 5. John Paul Adrian Glaubitz 6. Ralf Treinen
7. Lucas Kanashiro 8. Lucas Moura 9. Dominic Hargreaves
10. Jonathan Wiltshire 11. Niko Tyni 12. Antonio Terceiro
13. Carsten Schönert 14. Chirayu Desai 15. Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) <paulliu@d.o>
16. Apollon Oikonomopoulos 17. Faidon Liambotis 18. Lior Kaplan
19. Mesut Can Gurle 20. Josue Ortega 21. Christian T. Steigies
22. Guido Trotter 23. Iain Lane 24. Ritesh Raj Sarraf
25. infinity0 26. Lisa Baron 27. Adam Barratt
28. Vincent Bernat 29. I'm an empty space, fill me! 30. Maximiliano Curia
31. Margarita Manterola 32. Eugene Zhukov 33. Michael Banck
34. Sergei Golubchik 35. noel@d.o 36. Simon Kainz
37. Andi Barth 38. Andreas Henriksson <ah@d.o> 39. Senthil Kumaran S (stylesen)
40. Sven Bartscher <kritzefitz@d.o> 41. James Cowgill <jcowgill@d.o> 42. Didier Raboud <odyx@d.o>
43. Keerthana Krishnan <> 44. Jaminy Prabaharan <> 45. Yaa Dufie <>
46. Aron Xu <aron@d.o> 47. Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@d.o> 48. Otto Kekäläinen <otto@d.o>
49. Andrew Shadura 50. Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@d.o> 51. axhn
52. 53. Mathias Behrle <mbehrle@d.o.> 54. Moray Allan
55. Alba Crespi 56. Philip Hands 57. Julián Moreno Patiño
58. Prach Pongpanich 59. David Bremner 60. Philipp Kern
Cape Point Nature Reserve and Boulders Beach BUS TWO
# name # name # name
1. Martin Krafft 2. Mike Gerow 3. Luke Faraone (possibly not; don't wait for me)
4. Martin Michlmayr 5. Raphaël Hertzog 6. Sophie Hertzog
7. David Janzso 8. Dezso Denes 9. Tomasz Buchert
10. Dominik Szmek 11. Kai-Chung Yan 12. Deven Bansod
13. Matthieu Caneill (matthieucan) 14. Andreas Jochens 15. Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)
16. Bradley M. Kuhn 17. László Böszörményi 18. Valessio Brito
19. Yukiharu YABUKI 20. Tim Potter 21. Sébastien Delafond
22. Bdale Garbee 23. Keith Packard 24. Max Harmathy
25. John Sullivan 26. Bill Mills 27. Stephanie Mills
28. Karen Sandler 29. Judit Foglszinger 30. Andreas Bombe (aeb)
31. Talat Batheesh 32. Jeroen Dekkers 33. Hideki Yamane
34. Linn Crosetto 35. gregor herrmann 36. Kate Stewart
37. Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) 38. Lucas Nussbaum 39. Mehdi
40. James (@purpleidea) 41. Mark Brown 42 Milan Kupcevic

[edit] Fairy Glen Safari

Safari Trip (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe etc) 1.5 hours away, welcome drinks, lunch and Game viewing. A great chance to see Africa's Wildlife. NB: This was Acquilla safaries before but they have been hard to work with and Fairy Glenn is closer, nicer and got us a better deal. Also their game drive is at least one hour longer.

  • Cost: R1150 (incl. shared bus cost)
  • Size limit: 60
  • Time leaving from Fuller: 06:45 (Yes, that is very early. You can sleep on the bus, and you get breakfast there).
  • Tour duration: Expected to be back at Fuller by 18:30.
Fairy Glen Safari
# name # name # name
1. Jonathan Carter (local organiser) 2. biebl@d.o 3. Sven Mueller sven@d.o
4. Tollef Fog Heen 5. - 6. Alexandre Viau
7. Jose M Calhariz 8. Jonathan McDowell 9. Emilio Pozuelo
10. Piotr Ożarowski 11. - 12. Luca Filipozzi
13. - 14. Fotis Tsamis 15. Alkis Georgopoulos
16. Foteini Tsiami 17. - 18. Wouter Verhelst
19. Stéphane Blondon 20. 21. Sebastian Harl tokkee@d.o
22. tobi@d.o 23. Nattie Mayer-Hutchings 24. Ben Hutchings
25. Tammy Manning 26. Michael Jeanson (mjeanson) 27. Reiner Herrmann
28. Andrew Shadura 29. Madhura Jayaratne 30.
31. Simon Désaulniers 32. Roger Shimizu 33. Stefano Rivera
34. 35. 36.
37. 38. 39.

[edit] Table Mountain via Cable Station and trip to Seal Island (Hout Bay), via Chapman's Peak drive

This trip is weather dependent.

The default option here is to take the cable car both up and down Table Mountain, followed by a trip to Seal Island in Hout Bay (via Chapman's Peak drive, rated as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

  • Cost: R400 (we have now included transport, sorry for the last minute price increase)
  • Size limit: 60.
  • Time that trip is leaving Fuller: 08:00 (have an early breakfast)
  • Time that trip is leaving Cable Station en route to Seal Island for non-hiking group: 10:30
  • Seal Island trip for non-hiking group: 11:30
  • Expected time back at Fuller: 15:00

There is an option to hike up Table Mountain, take the cable car down and go to Seal Island, but this is a SEPARATE TRIP due to time and bus seat constraints (sign up in next section). Estimate time From Fuller to upper cable car 4 hours. This option also leaves Fuller at 08:00 and last minute swaps to the bus is allowed.

There is an option to hike from Fuller to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which is the free option, see below.

Cable car up Table Mountain and seal island sign up
# name # name # name
1. Nicolas Dandrimont 2. .. 3. ...
4. Solveig 5. intrigeri 6. OdyX
7. Shirish 8. Gunnar Wolf 9. Tomasz Rybak
10. .. 11. .. 12. ..
13. .. 14. .. 15. ..
16. .. 17. .. 18. ..
19. 20. 21.
22. 23. 24.
25. 26. 27.
28. 29. 30.
31. 32. 33.
34. 35. 36.
37. 38. 39.
40. X X

[edit] Table Mountain Hike

This trip is weather dependent.

The route is flexible - see options at the bottom of the page.

  • Cost: free ( with options: Cable car down R125, Seal Island option R60, R50 donation for transport would be appreciated)
  • Size limit: none
  • Time that trip is leaving Fuller: 08:00 (have an early breakfast)
  • Time that bus is leaving Cable Station en route to Seal Island: 13:00
  • Total trip duration: More than 6 hours.

indiebio is sick, and not hiking today. Kyle (paddatrapper) is the local organiser. You need to be a fairly competent hiker to do this. Bring good shoes, something warm, water, and some snacks.

Details (far) below.

Hike up and down Table Mountain sign up
# name # name # name
1. Kyle Robbertze (local organiser) 2. Dieter Adriaenssens 3. Tzafrir Cohen
4. Aníbal Monsalve Salazar 5. Ian Gilfillan 6. Sicelo A. Mhlongo
7. doko 8. Kurt Roeckx 9. Jens Reyer
10. elbrus 11. Julien Fortin 12. Jelmer Vernooij
13. Rossouw 14. .. 15. ..
16. .. 17. .. 18. ..
19. 20. 21.
22. 23. 24.
25. 26. 27.
28. 29. 30.
31. 32. 33.
34. 35. 36.
37. 38. 39.
40. 41. 42.
43. 44. 45.
46. 47. 48.
49. 50. 51.
52. 53. 54.
55. 56. 57.
58. 59. 60.

[edit] Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Less than 10km drive from UCT. Indigenous plants, picnic vibes. Best viewed on foot, walk along the "Boomslang" Tree Canopy walkway, to get an ariel view of the Gardens. Paved Walkways and wheelchair friendly.,

  • Cost: R55 (or free if hiking from Fuller)
  • Size limit: None
  • Time leaving from Fuller: 10:00 (or link with Table Mountain group at 08:00)
  • Duration of trip: Flexible, gates close at 18:00
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
# name # name # name
1. superfly (local organiser) - hiking from fuller 2. u - hiking from fuller 3. lavamind - hiking from fuller
4. LeLutin - hiking from fuller 5. stevenc - hiking from fuller 6. <name>
7. Santiago - hiking from Fuller 8. <name> 9. <name>
10. <name> 11. <name> 12. <name>
13. <name> 14. <name> 15. <name>
16. <name> 17. <name> 18. <name>
19. <name> 20. <name> 21. <name>

[edit] Details for hiking up table mountain

There is not a size limit.

Map: indiebio has a hardcopy of the Slingsby map with her, these can be ordered online or bought in a few places. These are no longer free to download. OpenStreetMap version.

Cost: It is free, but with the option to come down via the cable station (R240 return, R125 one way), which then may need transport back, although hiking back is an option too. There is a restaurant at the cable station. Locals tend to think of it as a tourist trap. Cable car information (with up to date weather information): Total distance: 16km? (to confirm) Total duration: approx 6 hours What to bring:

  • Good shoes. The terrain is well laid out, with paths and steps, but it is uneven. Cross training or trail running shoes are good. It is doable with sandals but not recommended.
  • Something warm. The weather can change very fast, mostly to a chilly mist (the 'table cloth').
  • Water. There are river streams and puddles that are safe to drink from if you're the outdoorsy type. If not, or if you need a lot of hydration, bring a water bottle.
  • Hat, sunglasses and camera if you want to.

Route: This can be decided by the group, there are many options, two are recommended: 1. Devil's peak option: The suggestion is to start outside Fuller, walk up to the tennis courts, then more up to Rhodes Mem, then more up to almost the block house, then swing left on the boardwalk, then up at Newlands Ravine. Then up. and more up. And then a bit more up. Then swing right and do a Swiss ascent upwards to the heavens, and just when you think you can't anymore, the most spectacular view opens up as you reach the tip of Devil's peak, at 1001m above sealevel.

Route option 2 images:

2a. Maclear's Beacon, the highest point of Table Mountain option: Start outside Fuller, walk up to the tennis courts, then more up to Rhodes Mem, then more up to almost the block house, then swing left on the boardwalk, then either Skeleton Gorge or Nursery Ravine. Then up. and more up. And then a bit more up. Once at the top, swing left to Maclear's beacon, which is the rather underwhelming highest point of Table Mountain at 1087m above sealevel. From there one can come down the same way again, either back to campus or to the Botanical Gardens, or continue across the central table to the Cable station.

2b. Kirstenbosch via the Boardwalk (easiest): Start outside Fuller, walk up to the tennis courts, then more up to Rhodes Mem, then more up to almost the block house, then swing left on the boardwalk. Continue on the trail until the signs indicating going down to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which is in the vicinity of Skeleton Gorge. Entry from this side into Kirstenbosch is not controlled, but you are expected to pay an entrance fee. From there one can walk back to campus or get a taxi (or bribe someone to come fetch you)


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