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[edit] Where to stay?

  • Lotte backpackers guesthouse in the old town of Heidelberg

[edit] What to do?

[edit] Technique and Science

[edit] Sport and Activity

[edit] bicycles

[edit] History and Culture

[edit] Children

  • Kurpfalz Park (45km) amusement park, animals, nature, roller coaster, playgrounds

[edit] Trivia, good to know

[edit] Reformation Anniversary

The Reformation started 500 years ago and is celebrated with many events and exhibitions, also in the region of Heidelberg:

Luther defended his 95 thesis on April 26. in the University of Heidelberg. The "Protestation at Speyer" happened at the Imperial Diet 1529 and coined the term "Protestantism". The Heidelberg Catechism was published 1563.

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