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[edit] Day trip

  • sign up situation (last call to -announcement?)
  • bus masters needed for Speyer 4/Brewery
  • bus master coordination meeting (tomorrow after orga meeting?)
  • food info to the venue (amount of lunch-bags vs. people staying on-site)?

[edit] Fan rental

  • do we want to extend?

[edit] Venue food tickets

  • talked this through with Andreas Rihm, basically a data quality issue, won't happen again
    • but thus 70 lunch meals left over today

[edit] Water for speakers

  • Bottles (mark 'em "speakers only"?) vs. glasses and kegs (who refills, cleans?)

[edit] Printer toner

  • arriving tomorrow (RichiH ordered)
  • may create print-out run before the re-imbursement time slot (13:30 - 15:00)
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