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[edit] Quiet Hacklabs

Quiet / Child-Free places

[edit] C&W

  • Bread situation
  • Shopping run not happening
  • Reminder to drink responsively
  • Timeline, logistics
  • Cutting at 21:00 @kitchen
  • Volunteer to take cheese off-site

[edit] Reimbursements

  • How to announce cash reimbursements? (Travel)
    • Procedure in the past? No demands so far
    • So if you want to have your reimbursement go to front desk (Tue/Fri)

[edit] Announcements vs. Morning Briefings

  • both
  • preferrably after the morning briefing towards noon
  • If something important comes up, we send out the announce in the afternoon.
  • Rotation: richih tomorrow

[edit] Karaoke / other social activities

Do we need to facilitate this?


until when? can they be moved to the side and removed later?

will be removed tonight

[edit] Announcements for tomorrow

(in general, see

  • C&W
  • Reduced reception hours
  • Teckids?
  • Drink coupons?
  • ad-hoc talks policy
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