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[edit] Cheese and Wine Coordination

  • Nattie is the temporary sub-cheese mistress.
  • People should be reminded to take cheese to the kitchen
  • If the weather is nice, we do it under Heidelberg, if not in the lobby
  • People who want to help should sign up at Front Desk.

[edit] Conf dinner tickets for externals

Apparently there have already been more than 25 people that paid for the conference dinner. They just bought the sticker.

[edit] Front desk logistics

  • Hopefully the worst has passed.
  • What do we do with people that don't have food but are paying?
    • If they pay for everything, we give them a new badge
    • If they don't, they can have a copy of their ticket

[edit] Other things

  • Have a feedback form in the wiki (optionally also by mail)
  • We need to change summit so that the talks lasts 20 / 45 minutes.
  • Make sure that talks end when they are done.
  • Job Fair went mostly fine. 1und1 was at the end and they were unhappy about the traffic.
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