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  • Morning briefings
    • volunteers to do the briefing: madduck, marga, fil, nkukard, RichiH, tumbleweed
    • Raffle script: marga will do it
  • Daily orga meetings: we will go for 19:00 for now, at the stones.
  • Smoke-free outdoor hacklab, see
  • Announcement mail:
  • Food shifts: we will likely need three shifts. These will be advisory (people can still ignore it). We will put up signs.
  • Food queue-jumping during DebConf: Video-Team (and other teams, if they have an actual reason). Please be polite.
  • Shopping?
    • we are running out of power strips (20 strips + 10 extensions)
    • Wasp sting stuff, also allergies? (Fenistil)
    • icepacks for cooling injuries (the ones that get cool by breaking)
  • Spaces for people during the 500+ days:
    • We will not pursue the University option, it will be too complicated
    • We might want to use some of the monitors (bistro, fernsehroom, etc) for streaming
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