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[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
 :01 Registration / numbers cate, _rene_, larjona high We have reached or even exceeded the limits. Attendee information has not been sent out. How do we deal with the large numbers?
Assign and terminate next steps
 :25 Video coverage RichiH high Hardware on track, but laptops are missing. Plan to source laptops (e.g. 6 X220's).
Terminate a dc-video meeting this week.
 :30 Infrastructure RichiH, Zugschlus high Zugschlus ran final checks last week, 1Gb-link shared with hostel and zoo ready to go. Cables and all other such equipment need to be ordered Compile list of supplies and assign someone to order them
 :32 Open weekend webpage madduck high is missing proper information. Press release goes out tomorrow. Populate with schedule, arrival information, food, registration etc.
 :34 Press release larjona medium and are ready to go, Martin has a number of leads (also thanks to FSFE), and Laura is taking care of debian-press. Contacts welcome (to Martin please)
 :36 Day trip hvhaugwitz, madduck medium — options will require 10–15 € paid by each attendee When do we announce this, i.e. when does signup start?
 :45 Wiki & webpage madduck, larjona medium Martin spent two hours on the webpage and wiki today, please have a look and change what you think needs changing.
 :47 Child care tassia medium Tassia has a plan, but won't be able to make it to the meeting.
 :49 Sports pitch madduck low Likely we can have the sports pitch one afternoon/evening for e.g. an organised game of football. Decide on a good time
 :52 Misc madduck low Anything else?
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