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[edit] Agenda

Item Presenter Priority Background Goal
Status updates marga high
  • Verein, non profit status [madduck, RichiH]
  • DayTrip / Conference Dinner [madduck, loni]
  • Airline Partnerships [Caroll]
  • FrOSCon and CCC schedule overlap [rhalina, Conny, surSr]
  • Website team [rene]
  • Public relations [larjona]
  • Food selection / Drink prices [madduck]
  • Update from DebConf Chairs [Tincho]
Follow up on previous meeting action items
LinuxTag madduck medium There will be no LinuxTag on 2015, they want to merge with us, we don't. Figure out how to make DebConf15 better, not worse
Topic You importance background info goal
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