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[edit] Agenda

Topics covered:

Item Presenter Priority Background Goal
Status updates marga high
  • Verein, non profit status [madduck, RichiH]
  • DC14 Final Report [azeem]
  • Budget [madduck, hug]
  • DayTrip / Conference Dinner [Rhalina, Manuel, Tokkee]
  • Airline Partnerships [Caroll]
  • FrOSCon and CCC schedule overlap [rhalina, Conny, surSr]
  • Website team [rene]
  • Public relations [larjona]
  • Drink prices [madduck]
  • Honoring pro-bono advisors [madduck]
Follow up on previous meeting action items
Fundraising madduck high We need more leads and more people working on fundraising. Please survey your surroundings… who uses Debian and could be interested in sponsoring? More volunteers
DebConf teams Tincho high Status update on the teams discussion:  ?
Mailing list migration madduck low debconf-sponsors-team needs acute changes and it seems like a good candidate for a test migration to lists.d.o Coordinate a specific date for changeover
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