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Organising DebConf is a huge endeavour, but with a reliable and motivated team, it's a great and fun experience.

In the following, we've collected a few "jobs" that need to be done. If you are interested in helping and one of these jobs seems made for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

[edit] Local contacts

Do you live in Heidelberg? Do you know people who do?

We need:

  • People with contacts in the town hall to help get support from the city of Heidelberg
  • People with ideas for conference dinners and day trips, who can help pull strings
  • People with ideas about other fun things to do
  • People interested in supporting us locally in all the ways we cannot yet imagine
  • Sponsor contacts

[edit] Publicity

Do you like to push out news and be in touch with press, media, and the social Internet?

We're looking for

  • People writing blog posts and press releases
  • Translators (mainly German and English)
  • People who can identify press contacts and send our press releases to them
  • Gateways between our team and the social media

[edit] Website

Want to help make our website spiffy?

  • Django hackers to help us evaluate the Summit Scheduler as conference registration system, and to write controllers for it.
  • Someone to write/find a Django plugin so that content can be written e.g. as RestructuredText in Git, and Django then renders it on request.
  • Designers for the CSS and graphics of the website
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