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WORK IN PROGRES!!! - nkukard


[edit] Basics

Sunday 23 August 2015, starting at 13:00 local time
Until afternoon, if you have registered, you get to stay for a night.
Heidelberg International youth hostel
DC15 team and DC16 team and people interested in being part of the DC team. If you have not registered, you need to let us know if you want to attend beforehand. Please do not just show up, and do not just add your name.
In-person meeting, discussion of DC15, what was learnt, how to get DC members to stick around and handover to DC16 team

Call 0177/8508032 if you have problems.

[edit] Getting there

  • Heidelberg International youth hostel, same venue as DC15

[edit] Expenses

Accommodation will be covered internally.

[edit] Agenda

Time Activity
Sun 13:00 Dear DC15 team, please stick around as we need to learn from you! We'd like to talk for an hour or two about what you've learnt so we can take your expertise and advice to DC16. We've also booked you into a luxury spa and will treat you to a nice dinner afterwards :)
Sun 15:00 Spa visit
Sun 18:00 Nice dinner

[edit] Attendance

The following people will be there. If you feel like your name should be on this list, talk to me, don't just add yourself.

Room assignments are work-in-progress, please talk to me if you require a change.

Name Room Notes
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