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  • Poster Session
17:26 < azeem> we'd organize a sponsor how can print out A0 posters (likely a university or so), then people get them printed and 
               they hang around for a few days so people can check them out
17:26 < azeem> then, one evening, there'll be a 1-2 hour poster session were the relevant owner hang around their poster and interested 
               people can discuss/ask questions
17:27 < azeem> the poster session could very well be a community job fair
17:28 < azeem> well, dunno, we could offer some sponsor level of having posters there as well, not sure about the ethical implications
17:28 < azeem> (if they have people on the ground)
17:28 < marga> I don't see anything unethical as long as it's clear what's going on and people aren't harassed to participate if they 
               aren't interested.
17:29 < azeem> people complaining the show is being rerailed by company people
17:29 < azeem> derailed*
17:29 < azeem> I was just pointing it out it should be kept in mind, but probably it would be no problme
17:29 < marga> Ah, sure, it should be clearly separate.  Maybe even on time (i.e. 2 different afternoons)
17:31 < azeem> well, we could see how many sponsor are interested in that
17:31 < azeem> it might actually be a good fundraising point for local-ish companies
17:31 < azeem> OTOH, could be only 10% of the posters would be commercial, then it wouldn't hurt to have a combined thing, dunno
20:34 < madduck> azeem, marga: if you want to pursue those ideas, you should; just keep in mind that HD isn't *huge*, we might be using 
                 the foyer for hacking and socialising primarily, but maybe this would do well in combination with a day at a university?
20:34 < madduck> azeem: that said, what sort of posters are you speaking of? academic-style posters?
20:41 < azeem> madduck: what do you mean with acadmic-style?
20:41 < azeem> I thought about something similar to what is presented at academic conferences, at least WRT form factor
20:42 < madduck> and presenting sub-projects, ideas, anything?
20:43 < azeem> presenting sub-projects was my first thought
20:43 < azeem> but dunno, why not present dgit or something similar as well
20:43 < madduck> dgit is a sub-project in my eyes. "what people are working on"
20:44 < madduck> I find that a good idea, especially if we want to have less talks, for it removes the need to have such talks, really.
20:44 < madduck> however, then I would suggest to keep the posters around for the whole week
20:44 < azeem> sure
20:45 < azeem> that was kinda the idea, and towards the end of the week, have a session where people who can answer questions are known to 
               be around
20:45 < azeem> that's why doing it at the uni wouldn't be so great IMO
20:46 < azeem> so far, I've only found as an example
20:47  * hvhaugwitz likes the poster idea 
20:47 < madduck> yeah, not sure I've seen many of those, but people get the idea
20:47 < madduck> especially if we find a printer in HD and offer to cover print costs
20:47 < madduck> limited number of slots, obviously.
20:47 < madduck> should I ask the youth hostel if they could imagine letting us plaster the walls, or should we save this for later?
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