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[edit] Size

A7 landscape, insert format: 74 x 105 mm

[edit] Data on badge

[edit] General design

  • Folded badges, front and back identical (as they swivel on lanyards)
  • Space for stickers (each 2×2cm):
    • We need to affix a sticker for those who've paid for the booze.
    • We need one of four food sticker affixed for the conf dinner

[edit] Content

  • Name
  • Nickname
  • ID (as in summit ID to allow for easier finding and sortable uniqueness)
  • Country (no: not sufficiently available from summit data)
  • "Food" for people who have paid the venue (or are sponsored) and eligible for full board. Non-food marking in place in all other cases (pay per meal).
  • Space for two stickers 2x2 (one for the food selection at the conf dinner, one for optional alcoholic drinks during conf dinner)

[edit] Logistic identifier

  • Format {1|2|3|4}-{A|B|C}
    • Partitioning TWO groups: People with 1 and 2 on their badges please
    • Partitioning THREE groups: People with A on their badges please
    • Partitioning FOUR groups: People with 1 on their badges please
    • Partitioning SIX groups: People with 1-A or 2-A on their badges please
    • ... etc.

[edit] Conf dinner

  • We'll record meal choices with stickers (4 different stickers), ideally there is a place for them (and they ought to be large to be visible)

[edit] Data format for badge script


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