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No sign-up is required for this option (unless you want to pass by the brewery, see below), as it's primarily self-organised. The purpose of this page is to provide some ideas for routes, which will be added in due time.


[edit] General information

Heidelberg is located between Heiligenberg and Königstuhl hills. Heiligensberg is on the same side of the river Neckar as the hostel, while one must cross the river to begin walking on Königstuhl.

[edit] Heiligenberg Route and Attractions

The trail begins at philosophenweg (philosopher's walk) at the base of Heiligenberg. This can be reached by ~1h walk along the river from the hostel, including traversing the Neckarwiese river-side meadow. The ascent up the philosophenweg affords several pleasant views over the city.

At the top of the hill, one can visit Michaelskloster, a ruined monastery; and the Heidelberg Thingstätte, an amphitheatre. This spot looks ideal for impromptu poetry recitals/other performances, as well as picnics. Alternatively, lunch can be taken at the nearby Waldschenke restaurant and beer garden, though the menu looks rather pricey.

[edit] Optional beer visit

It is possible to combine a day of hiking with a trip to the Klosterhof brewery. There are two guided tours in the brewery. The earlier tour is good if you wish to take the bus to the brewery and hike afterwards; alternatively, you can walk to the brewery and join the second brewery tour.

[edit] One way hike after the brewery tour

You should sign up for the first brewery tour bus on the brewery page. After the brewery tour, the bus will return from the brewery and stop at Bismarckplatz at 13:20, which is ~15 minutes walk from the start of philosophenweg. It may thus be sensible to take lunch in Bismarckplatz or a picnic in Neckarwiese before starting the hike, and a light evening picnic at the peak of Heiligenberg or dinner at Waldschenke.

[edit] Two way hike

If you wish to hike to the brewery and hike back please sign up in the "hike" section brewery page. The hike is self-organised, but here is a suggestion for a 7 km walking route to the brewery.

[edit] Walking Around

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