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[edit] Brewery "Zum Klosterhof"

  • guided tour: ~60min (learn about beer brewery, taste three different beers)
  • located in the Neuburg Abbey which is also an interesting sight of its own.
  • wheelchair accessibility: yes (the brewery tour is on the ground floor (the only two steps can easily be bypased)
  • baby stroller: Ok (see wheelchair accessibility)
  • The bus returns to Heidelberg by 13:20, close to the start of a hiking trail. There is thus the possibility of spending the afternoon hiking.
  • cost: 9.5€ (age 16+)
  • @Michael: call +49 6221 6520365 and inform the brewery about the expected number of attendees (bus and hike) after departure

[edit] bus

Note: The buses are confirmed now.

[edit] schedule

[edit] way there

  • 1010 departure 'DJH'
  • ~1050 arrival 'Klosterhof'

[edit] guided tour

  • 1100 1h guided tour (English) (you meet with the hike people at the brewery)

[edit] way back

  • 1300 departure 'Klosterhof'
  • ~1320 Bismarckplatz, Heidelberg (optional exit to visit Heidelberg)
    • way back to 'DJH' via public transport: Bus 32 (~18min, direction: Neuenheim, Kopfklinik): Heidelberg, Bismarckplatz -> Neuenheim, Jugendherberge)
  • ~1345 arrival 'DJH'

[edit] Sign-Up

  • infants (up to ~3 years old) sit on the lap of a parent; please add your infant to your own sign-up (eg '<your name> (+ 1 infant [age 2])')
  • children (up to 15 years old) need to indicate the age in the 'child (age)' column (eg 'yes (9)')
  • older children and adults say 'no' in 'child (age)' column
  • If you are an orga team member and want to help take care of bus, put yourself into the RESERVED space and mark yourself as (bus master). Involves checking off people on departure and possibly collecting money.

[edit] Bus: Klosterhof 1

Bus: Klosterhof 1
# name child (age)
1. Michael Prokop (Busmaster) no
2. gregor herrmann no
3. Rob Browning no
4. Christian Hofstaedtler no
5. Clint Adams no
6. Vincent Bernat no
7. Jeroen Dekkers no
8. René Mayorga no
9. Neil McGovern no
10. Eduard Bloch no
11. Olly Betts no
12. Héctor Orón Martínez no
13. Andrew Lee 李健秋 no
14. Christoph Egger no
15. Werner Koch no
16. alberto fuentes no
17. Daniel Beyer no
18. Paul Gevers no
19. Eric Dorland no
20. Robert Edmonds no
21. Sébastien Badia no
22. Hideki Yamane no
23. Louis-Philippe Véronneau no
24. Lucas Nussbaum no
25. Sune Vuorela Yes (33)
26. Jonathan McDowell No
27. Stefano Zacchiroli No
28. John Sullivan No
29. Orestis Ioannou No
30. Andrés Goens No
31. Kareem Khazem no
32. Philipp Kern no
33. Faidon Liambotis no
34. Andrew Shadura no
35. Chris Knadle no
36. Santiago R.R. No
37. Benjamin Drung no
38. Simon Josefsson no
39. Andreas Gnau no
40. Daniel Leidert no
41. Matthieu Caneill no
42. Miguel Landaeta no
43. Christian Salzmann no
44. Jean Schurger no
45. Dominic Hargreaves no
46. Kitt Tientanopajai no
47. Michael Biebl no
48. Joel Shea
49. Andreas Henriksson
50. n8willis no

[edit] Bus: Klosterhof 2

see also

Bus: Klosterhof 2
# name child (age)

[edit] Waiting list

[edit] hike

[edit] schedule

Note: The guided tour has been merged with the one for the bus. We meet at 9:00 in the lobby (Front Desk).

[edit] way there/back

see Hike

[edit] guided tour

  • 1100 1h guided tour (English) (you meet with the bus people at the brewery)

[edit] Sign-Up

  • please add your infant/child (up to 15 years old) to your own sign-up (eg '<your name> (+ 1 child [age 4])')
  1. Thomas Koch (hike master)
  2. urbec
  3. Martin Pitt (Mpitt)
  4. Benjamin Drung
  5. Benoît Allard <benoit.allard at gmx punkt de>
  6. Eduard Bloch
  7. Stan Ioan Eugen

(list limited to 7 people, there are 3 other people joining the Brewery by bike !)

[edit] Waiting list

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