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[edit] Test site

[edit] Fixes needed

  • Sidebar: 'Portland State Univesity' typo, 'University'
  • 'Smoker' select box has no options; can it be removed?
  • Disabilities: does PSU need to know about special requirements in advance, and should this form capture it?
  • Sponsored attendees: the form doesn't let people submit without payment. How will this be handled?
  • daily meal package: verbiage to explain that this is per-day
  • meals: verbiage to discuss day trip, conference dinner?
  • meals: if someone says they want 3 full daily meal packages and 2 lunch dinner daily packages, how does that work?
  • meals: if the attendee is staying over the weekend, when meals are cheaper, do they need to know this to be charged the lower rate?
  • need a sample database dump
  • "First" and "Last" should have also "... name"
  • Asterisk (mandatory fields): sometime double, sometime at beginning, sometime at end
  • Dates: default dates? (and a day selection widget?)
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