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Thank you, videoteam!

If you appreciate the videoteam's work, please leave a message here. We truly love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is very important to us! :-)

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[edit] DebConf13

[edit] Country

[edit] France

  • Fabien Givors - It's almost as if I was there, thank you!
  • Martín Ferrari: The same day I came back from DebConf I wanted to check some talks out and they were already all online! Great job, as always!

[edit] Poland

  • Paweł Sadkowski: thank you for bringing DebConf to us once again. You guys and gals are the best, I wish every conference had such great video team!

[edit] Italy

  • [Stefano Canepa]: thanks to all of you for the work you're doing to let people from all over the world access Debconf13.

[edit] United States

  • Michael Shuler - Once again, the Debconf Video Team has allowed me to attend remotely in real time. It is so nice to see familiar and new faces in the audience - sorry I couldn't be there. Thanks a bunch to everyone on the team!
  • Asheesh Laroia - Debconf's speedy, effective, fantastic, thorough, and overall dream-like video team gave me an extra volunteer. That volunteer will in turn give Debian more volunteers. See this email for evidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • [Kevin Mark]- As a remote attendee, I could not always watch the talks 'live' but with the efficiency of the video team and Debconf's great infrastructure and uplink, the videos were available in a quite timely fashion. Woot.

[edit] Brazil

  • Valessio Brito - Many thanks to the team Video DebConf. I'm following and participating thanks to the work of you and many volunteers. I created a simple page to join the chat and keep up with the stream in

[edit] Austria

  • Simon Kainz - Just awesome. Perfect cuts between slides and speakers and audience. Thank you for this wonderful possibility to participate remotely.
  • gregoa - sitting at home and being able to see the videos of the talks and BoFs I missed is great. thanks a bunch!

[edit] Scotland

  • Moray Allan: Thanks so much for all your hard work! The standard of the videos and editing is really amazing these days.

[edit] Indonesia

  • Zaki Akhmad: Many, and many thanks to the Video Team. Even you guys upload it faster than I thought! It really bring experience for one who cannot attend debconf. Zakiakhmad (talk) 07:33, 20 August 2013 (UTC)

[edit] México

  • Vicm3: This year I was unable to attend and also for the time zone offset, was unable to watch the live streams, now I'm watching the archives and truly happy and thankful to all the video team, which work allows to all of us as community to be able to attend to Debconf even if not at the same time and space.

[edit] Spain

  • larjona - Thank you Video Team! Year after year I'm following Debconf thanks to your work. And this year the videos were available amazingly soon! You rock! ¡Muchas gracias!

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