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[edit] Members

[edit] Responsibilities

  • Oversight over DebConf13 spending
  • To provide DebConf13 with financial resources
  • Provide infrastructure to transfer and hold DebConf money
  • Keep track of the money
  • Find the best legal structure and organisation to achieve our goals
  • Write invoices

[edit] Schedule of the work

  • Create debconf13 association (done)
  • Open bank account in EUR/CHF (done)
  • Provide budget for approval (done)
  • Create invoice template (done)
  • Find cheap credit card processor (TODO: hug)
  • Confirmation on VAT status (done: hug, sponsorship excluded from VAT. no VAT, if revenue from other sources below <150k)
  • Sign insurance contacts (TODO: )
  • Improve invoice process (TODO: rafw, hug: invoices will only be done by rafw/hug)
  • Agree on book keeping process. do we need separate books? (TODO: hug, henning)
  • Define process for small expenses approval and actual money handling (IDEA: cash for receipt, TODO: document, find someone who does it)
  • Define process to take money from bar/frontdesk (TODO: document)
  • Pricing proposal for pro fees, self-paying attendees (TODO: hug)
  • payment process for attendee fees / room upgrades (TODO: hug, rafw)

[edit] Connections with other subteams

Provides money to the other subteams according to the budget.

[edit] Connections to the DebConf global team

Global team members are part of the finance team

[edit] Team Meetings

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