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[edit] Arguments for organizing under the association

- non involved people are member of the association and can decide about the conference organization.

+ no new bylaws needed, despite needing to adapt the current bylaws

[edit] Arguments in favor of creating a new association

+ only the orgateam is member of the association, currently I'd suggest: cate, gismo, OdyX, philipp, Raphael,kevin, Michael, Michele and perhaps 2-3 global team member (the debconf comitee?) which orgateam? I still think that if we go for a new association we need it as smaller as possible

+ bylaws can be taylored to the purpose of organizing the conf

- If we stay under, the law grants the members the right (as a whole) to decide on whatever does under the umbrella. And it seems members aren't a majority in => "might be a" problem. not if we include DebConf committee members ? = small board that is able to decide most things to be flexible and able to react fast (take new members, sign contracts, ...)

- no tax exempt status for, affects deductability of donations (only private persons, for companies smaller problem)

[edit] Procedure proposal

We decide now if

  1. we propose to stay with (pending approval),
  2. we propose to try going with a new association
    1. implies drafting bylaws
    2. work happens on the bylaws draft (in english) (I prefer local language of seat of organisation) on a wikipage
    3. bylaws draft is discussed amongst the "future members" of the association (LocalTeam meeting)
    4. new association is created
    5. Fondue !

both options imply consulting Global Team

[edit] Vote

a) we propose to stay with (pending approval)

Votes in favor: gismo Raphaël

b) we propose to try going with a new association

Votes in favor: OdyX Gaudenz hug cate

c) propose both options to the global team and the whole local team:

d) only use SPI and FFIS I do not think we can because of Swiss laws (but I am agnostic about the latter)

e) Further Discussion

[edit] Seat

  • Bern
  • Vaumarcus (no po boxes, so I'll not choose this one)
  • Where the secretary lives" +1 +1
  • where the treasurer lives (taxes) +1

gismo (it also helps if in the end we do not go to 'Le Camp'

  • Zug in case we have any surplus :-)

[edit] Language of Bylaws


  • + everybody understands it
  • - not an official language of CH


Local language: +1+1+1+1 [Prodega and some providers needs bylaws (so I think local language is better)]


  • + official language
  • + most french speaking swiss (should) understand it


  • + official language
  • + language of le camp
  • + most german speaking swiss understand it

[edit] Decisions:

  • We propose to create a separate association
  • OdyX writes draft of bylaws on the DebConf13/ namespace on the wiki.
  • Final Bylaws in language of seat
  • Seat in the place of the treasurer

In favour OdyX cate Raphaël hug gaudenz gismo

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