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Network team: Axel Beckert (XTaran), fil, rhalina


[edit] Issues

If you experience persistent networking problems, please check this page and enter details unless the issue is already known.

[edit] Info

[edit] Networks (public)

  • Video Team Network
Network Gateway Range -
  • Server network
Network Gateway Range -
  • Public LAN
Network Gateway Range -
  • DebConf13 Wlan
Network Gateway Range -

[edit] IP Adresses

Host Adress MAC
dc-server1 (video team 00:1e:67:3c:85:f[3-6]
dc-server2 (video team


[edit] Hardware locations

[edit] ProCurve switches by hug

MAC IP Location
00:24:A8:4D:4C:10 ( ServerRoom Server LAN
00:24:A8:4D:87:D0 ServerRoom Public LAN
00:24:A8:FF:9A:D0 ( ServerRoom Video-Team LAN
00:24:A8:4E:D2:F0 ( VideoTeam maintalkroom1
00:24:A8:4E:07:F0 ( VideoTeam maintalkroom1
00:24:A8:4D:19:10 Hacklab in 8
00:24:A8:4E:73:30 Lower Zwingli Hacklab
00:24:A8:4E:B9:70 Lower Zwingli Hacklab 2 (not connected yet)
00:24:A8:4E:F2:C0 Lower Zwingli Hacklab (uplink)
00:24:A8:FF:64:90 Upper Zwingli Hacklab
00:24:A8:4D:18:A0 Upper Zwingli Hacklab (balcony)
00:24:A8:4E:3A:F0 Upper Zwingli Hacklab (balcony uplink)
00:24:A8:4E:B9:70 Main Hacklab Carré
  • Switch by kilobyte in BoF Room1 (not managed)

[edit] AP Surveying


[edit] Network Team Notes

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