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[edit] Open issues

Describe your issue in this numbered list. Please include details, i.e. date/time, your IP, your location, information about the device you are using, and then state what you are doing, what you expect to happen, and what happens instead. Also, please include a means for the team to get in touch with you (email, IRC nick, etc.) in case of questions. Then buy the network team a drink.

  • Still bad wifi connection in Zwingli --> additional access points today (Fri; copied from old page)
  • wireless dhcp announces as ntp server, but it's not working
  • No wifi connection possible on neither my laptop nor on my smartphone. le_camp_public works just fine. -- Rhonda
  • Generally people have lots of trouble getting DHCP leases via WLAN -- azeem
  • Can't get an IP address onthe DHCP on "DebConf13" WiFi at all (never managed to, neither with my X220 laptop, nor with my Samsung S3 phone), authentication is successful though. Managed to get an IP (for my laptop, not for my phone) on Le_camp_public -- Zack
  • Not receiving any packets on debconf13 wifi (debconf13-test and le camp works) on my laptop in any location in Le Camp. Have successfully associated with AP (eg 00:3A:99:A3:49:53), but then .. nothing. Tried manually sniffing network traffic, and see nothing. My laptop's wifi uses iwlwifi, and is somewhat old. Update: macchanger -r worked around this, apparently my MAC was blocked or an issue prevented it working. New MAC worked immediately. -- joeyh
  • DHCP on WLAN DebConf2013 only works after faking my MAC address (macchanger -r wlan0). -- sim6

[edit] Closed issues

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