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This is the result of a (shallow) surveying of available network and power plugs for the installation of wireless access points.

Building Room Surveyed? Network Power Lines of sight
Carré Main hacklab no (closed)
784 (passerelle ?) no (closed)
742 (beausite ?) no (closed) Line of sight to building 4, hacklab, passerelle
Rotonde 2nd talkroom (ground floor) yes public network only available for 1 plug (speaker) power is ok around the building no LOS (ground floor)
Bar (top floor) yes 1 network plug behind coffee counter the network plug is close to a power outlet to beausite, bldg 5. Plenty of space beneath the ceiling, already an AP up there (with big antennas?)
Bâtiment principal above the dining room yes network plug on the staircase corner, unusable (comes from the kitchen)
Main talk room yes Public lan switch at the opposite corner from the outside staircase entrance. Another lan plug on the other side of the room (to confirm) power seems ok, and nearby (there's a POE injector right next to the switch) to rotonde, maybe trees. to bldg 8 (historic hacklab)
Peupliers no (closed)
zwingli Lower zwingli hacklab (ground floor) yes plenty of network (2 switchs) plenty of power not really
Scenic hacklab (upper floor terrace) yes the primary zwingli switch is there unfortunately, the switch is PoE powered, and the "hacklab" only stems from one power plug, that will swiftly be unplugged in case of rain. People in rooms are OK to give power, but you have to pass a door with the cable. LOS to pretty much all the camp. Would be ideal for a high-powered antenna imho
Upper zwingli hacklab yes Plenty of networking plenty of power
Building 8 Historic hacklab (ground floor) yes Plenty of networking A convenient power socket available in the kitchen, not much on walls unfortunately
terrace (ground floor) yes no network power from the room (need to pass a door), ~10m nice LOS to the lower buildings, although a bit off-center
top floor yes no no no
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