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[edit] When and where

Place: Adrianos Meetingroom, Theaterplatz 2, Bern Time: 19h15 - 20h15 work meeting, 20h15-21h45 regular meeting

[edit] Agenda

[edit] 19:15 - Work

Given that some members are attending a meeting with /ch/open; we will use that time to work together on our sponsoring material (cover letter, sponsoring brochure, sponsor lists, …).

[edit] 20:15 - Meeting

[edit] Intro and presences

[edit] Subteams roundtable

[edit] Teams list

[edit] For each subteam

  • What has been done since the last meeting
  • Current open issues
  • No longer discussions, no important decisions

[edit] Legal body for DC13

  • Report from the /ch/open meeting
  • Open / Relevant questions:
    • Value added tax
      • Do sponsors have to pay that
      • Do we have to pay
      • Value added tax for international sponsors
    • public interest status / tax exemption
      • How important is it for us.
      • Chances of getting it (wrt legal organization)
      • also for VAT?


  • Decision (if possible)
  • How to go forward?

[edit] Sponsoring

  • What has been done up until now?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Who takes the lead and makes sure we have a sponsoring brochure for Swiss sponsors ready before DC12?
    • Is this still realistic?

[edit] Other topics


Short status update to keep everyone uptodate.

[edit] Varia

  • Next meetings
    • Which form?
    • Who?
    • When?
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