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[edit] Agenda

  • Greeting
    • meeting duration
    • things to move to the next meeting
  • Team roundtable
    • Finance and Sponsorship status
      • budget: to early for reliable numbers due to changes in penta, but looks good so far.
    • Registration
    • Bursaries
      • report of updated approved travel and food/accom sponsorship sent to hug for reimbursment and registration for verification of penta selections
    • Talks
    • Network
      • Details see e-mail to debconf-team@
      • Servers
  • Visit at LeCamp
  • Dishwashing and Cleaning
    • Cleaning
      • Proposal A: let rafw decide and sign
    • Dishwashing
      • Proposal A (OdyX): rafw organizes partial dishwashing within budget amount + Team Dishwashing (define team here) takes care of evening shift
      • Proposal B: grant additional CHF 1900 to have full dishwashing
  • T-shirts
    • order/number decision (4 kCHF vs budget 2.8 kCHF)
  • Debian Day
  • On-site payment for meals
    • delegate to registration-team

[edit] Minutes

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