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[edit] Agenda

  • News from teams, from Le Camp
  • on-site lodging for families
  • Volunteers
  • Logistic
    • Talk rooms, bar
    • Planing stuffs, their transport, etc. (printers, networks, debian stuffs...)
  • T-shirt, badges (who, when, where to ship them)
  • Debian Day and Debian Party
  • Day trip

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Introductions and agenda review (15')

  • New member: Benedikt Trefzer, for the Bar team.

[edit] News from teams, from Le Camp (10')

[edit] Registration

  • Registration is open; reconfirmation is ongoing until June 30th. rafw is helping a lot in the visa team. Kinda hard to keep up with all emails.
  • Status (with also unconfirmed):
    • offsite: 47;
    • communal: 137/159 (89%);
    • camping 19/60;
    • 8-or-less: 31/48 (65%);
    • doubles: 33/32 (103%, but we have 4 singles, and other triples);
    • 4-or-less: 4/63
  • Next steps: bed upgrades, in coordination with hug.

[edit] Network

  • XTaran is on it for the network needs, the work is ramping up.
  • rafw can contact the ISP as he lives close to their office

[edit] Sponsoring

  • Loterie Romande said no. :-(
  • Important tasks are currently _banners_ and _T-shirts_ (not the sponsorship team's primary business, but we need to make sure that those are produced)
  • Bags: the order is out for 300 bags; might be a little tight.

[edit] Bar Team

The team has been in Le Camp and is "on it". Agreement was achieved to have beer "not from Le Camp" and there will likely be three beer types available. There will be local beer.

[edit] Travel

  • Documentation is ongoing; next steps are pictures of airports, train stations, which bus you have to take, how you buy a ticket, power adaptors, "what to bring", etc.

[edit] on-site lodging for families (10')

  • One request for 2 adults + 1 small kid.
  • is in charge; rough idea is people get in the 2-bed sleeping bag rooms (6 rooms all-in-all) and don't (necessarily) pay the registration fee (but still the room price), mention to registration@.

[edit] Volunteers (15')

  • 10 persons present at the meeting
  • 28 persons marked "volunteer" in Penta + 19 are "Main organisers"
  • Proposal: mail them personally to ask for their interests in terms of priority; and then assign them to teams; schedule meetings in person during (late) DebCamp. Also remind them to check their arrival-departure dates in Penta. Assignee: gaudenz, with cate help for a penta-automated mail.
  • Proposal 2: contact local LUG lists, etc, to get new volunteers to "run DebConf", offering them sponsored food+accom in communal accomodation. Assignees: gaudenz (de), OdyX (fr)

[edit] Logistics (25')

[edit] Floorplan

DebConf Team decision proposal:

  • Talk room 1: upper "Bâtiment principal"
  • Talk room 2: downstairs "Rotonde"
  • BoF room 1: "Grande salle", "Bâtiment principal"
  • BoF room 2: meeting room in Paserelle (same as BSP room in November)
  • Hacklab 1: Carré
  • Hacklab 2: No 8
  • Bar with hackers: upstairs "Rotonde"
  • FD: réfectoire "Bâtiment principal"
  • Orga office: small wooden house nearby "Accueil"
  • See for maps and some floorplans and private debconf-team svn for the remaining floorplans
  • Open points: camping situation, to be decided during visit

[edit] Planning stuffs, their transport, etc. (printers, network, debian stuff,...)

  • gaudenz is trying to get stuff from a (printing manufacturer) sponsor
  • Need for:
    • 1-3 standard "good" projectors
    • printers (one good colour printer, one recto-verso B&W)
    • powerplugs of all colours
    • 1-2 cars (We need to be more sure about plans and /!\ make the insurance situation clear /!\, for both drivers and cars)
    • "always on" emergency phone => Buy a prepaid phone, and organise duty turns.

[edit] Cleaning and dishwashing

That's pending organisation from us..

  • Dishwashing / Meals: What needs to be done: distribute the food, collect the plates, wash them using the industrial dishwasher and put them back in drawers.
    • Proposal to the debconf-team: DebConf local team members take the lead to find volunteers to handle the dishwashing daily, one orga person per day. The majority of the present local team members think that this is feasible and the most efficient way to solve this. This leaves us with more money for the cleaning part (see below) and finding someone for the dishwashing might be difficult because this is outside of "standard arangements" for cleaning.
  • Cleaning: bathrooms ,toilets, floors (bar, dining room), if possible daily; 48 CHF/hour is the quote we got.
    • Decision: rafw is in charge to find a suitable company

[edit] New visit to Le Camp (5')

Things we have to think about and discuss:

  • Wi-Fi in all buildings
  • Camping
  • Confirm agreed upon floorplan
  • Check for fixed beamer/projector installations
  • Check the availibility and disposability of Le Camp's minibus
  • One visit already happens on the July 8th (Monday) morning for the Bar Team, gaudenz writes to MrP to coordinate.

[edit] T-shirts, badges

  • Bosnian quote from moray didn't (apparently) arrive yet.
  • Proposal: "just" do Mexico printing T-shirts
  • Design: OdyX to chase leogg or do a design himself. Deadline is July 15th

  • Badges (nametags)
    • Not urgent

[edit] Debian Day

  • comment: we are quite late for announcement
  • target: users that already know Free Software
  • date: Fri 16th
  • time: 14:00 to 20:00
  • location: Neuchâtel

[edit] Debian Party

  • Plan being settled currently: big party at Le Camp.

[edit] Day trip

  • We didn't have time to discuss much about it.
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