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  • DebConf Team meeting
  • Thursday 28. February 2013, 20h00 UTC

[edit] Agenda

The meeting is supposed to last an hour.

  • DebConf12
    • #topic DC12 - Final Report
      • Proposal: Release as-is, push to, find a vict^Wvolunteer to chase the missing financial bits, release enhanced version later.
  • DebConf13, teams/Subjects roundtable (status, problems, foreview)
    • #topic DC13 - Sponsoring
    • #topic DC13 - Accomodation and pricing
    • #topic DC13 - Registration and hacking week-end
    • #topic DC13 - Tech
    • #topic DC13 - Varia
  • DebConf14
    • #topic DC14 - Bid statuses
    • #topic DC14 - Roadmap
  • #topic Next meeting schedule and dates
  • #topic Varia

[edit] Minutes

[edit] TODO

  • OdyX
    • to release rc1 report to media.dc.o
    • will propose f2f work-together meetings in the next weeks.
    • to propose day or week-end dates in .ch on the list.
    • to setup and send Doodle for the next meeting, asking people to fill it with their general weekly availability, not this specific date's.
  • Ganneff
    • to organise hacking fest in Fulda.
  • gaudenz
    • to organise a "locals of the team" f2f meeting
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