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Location: Bern

Date and Time: Sunday 27th January 2013, 3pm-7pm localtime (CET)

Attendees: Gaudenz, Didier/OdyX, Rafael, Axel/Xtaran, Arne/Y_Plentyn


[edit] Minutes

[edit] Accomodation categories and pricing

Proposal sent to the ongoing mailinglist discussion

[edit] Room allocation and booking

Summary of the discussion sent to the ongoing mailinglist discussion

[edit] Alternative accomodation to Le Camp

  • We propose to recommend Yverdon as the prefered location for alternative accomodation to participants. Yverdon has the advantage that it's better connected by public transport than Neuchatel. All Hotels, B&Bs etc. between Yverdon and Gorgier are quite small.
  • Rafael is trying to negotiate a discount deal with Hotel du Theater in Yverdon (3 star, 100-180 CHF per person per night). We'll also ask if it's possible to block some rooms for us until end of April (if it's free to us).
  • We discussed the possibility to organize a daily late night transport to Yverdon, but nothing decided yet. We would also like to encourage participants to organize car sharing (eg. on a wiki page).

[edit] DC12 Final report

Rafael mentions that the final report is important for contacting DC13 sponsors. OdyX will follow-up on list and remind people that the report should be finalized NOW.

[edit] Penta replacement

We had a short discussion mostly explaining what Penta is and the status and history of it's replacement. In our opinion the replacement has to be ready really soon if it should be used for DC13 and registrations should open in march.

[edit] Announcement blog post

The blog post is now done.

[edit] Not discussed (ENOTIME)

The issues concerning mostly local things should be discussed rather soon:

  • Debian Day
  • Contact to Le Camp
  • Fotos and Infos about rooms, presentation of room categories
  • Contact with Le Camp network provider
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