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[edit] status update

  • currently ~66 600.00 CHF

[edit] open sponsor contact-related task

  • [TODO] create a media partner page on the website
  • [TODO] resume the work (re-)contacting sponsors

[edit] wiki

  • ikiwiki for debian-sponsors' Alioth group
  • pros: internal/private only, policies available to other projects could dilute the total pool of money out there
  • cons: most of the documentation should be public from the beginning
  • [TODO] add documentation to the DebConf wiki
  • [TODO] put policies in the DebConf manual
  • [TODO] commit contracts, written letters, etc. to the Git repository

[edit] DebConf blog post and social networks

  • gaudenz already wrote the blog post
  • [TODO] bgupta will review gaudenz's version
  • [TODO] cate will find out how to re-send the blog post to the social networks where Debian has official accounts

[edit] controversial sponsors

  • donations should come with no strings attached
  • full discussion on policies not at this meeting
  • [TODO] discussions on debconf-sponsors-team@

[edit] invoice process

  • TeX file is in the debconf-team SVN repository (with a README)
  • [TODO] prepare invoices and rafw or hug will review and send

[edit] (long term) documenting sponsors-team guidelines for new members

  • [TODO] add everything to the DebConf wiki
  • [TODO] develop the discussions in debconf-sponsors-team@ and then propose them to debconf-team@
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